Tenerife in April

Tenerife in April: Weather, What to Pack & Events

Mid spring is a wonderful time to visit Tenerife. You may witness the island’s Easter celebrations then, and will in any case see the island come alive with colourful flowers and lush, tropical greenery. April also brings ideal hiking weather, and is generally more peaceful than the peak summer season. 

Although Tenerife is often called “the island of eternal spring” due to its year-round mild climate, April is right in the midst of the season. It is when the largest Canary Island is carpeted with flowers, and cloaked in greenery. 

The change of seasons on the island commences in March, but April is when the weather in Tenerife starts heating up. The days get longer, and there is in general more sunshine than during the winter months.

Since Easter usually takes place in April, Tenerife comes alive with spectacular Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions. These take place exactly one week prior to Easter. 

La Tejita beach

If you visit Tenerife in April, you may be lucky enough to observe these celebrations taking place in various towns and villages on the island. But visiting at Easter also means more tourists, plus more expensive accommodation and plane tickets due to the European school holidays. It’s still less crowded than in July and August, though.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth going to Tenerife with school age kids in April, ponder no more. The weather in April is lovely, the Siam water park is open, and you can do all the same activities as you would in the summer months. The only downside can be chilly average sea temperatures.

Air Temperature

Average temperatures are on the rise in April, following a mild March. As well as more pleasant temperatures, there’s less average rainfall than in the wettest months. In Tenerife South and North, spring is now in full swing. 

In the south, at night the average low is from 17 to 19°C, and during the day average highs are between 21 and 23°C. But relatively high temperatures can occur on any day, when the mercury may hit 25°C. And keep in mind that we are talking about the temperature in the shade here. The “feels like” temperature is usually much higher when the sun is up, especially in the south of the island. 

Sunny day at Playa Amarilla

So the answer to “how hot is Tenerife in April?” depends on the sun. If the day is clear, it can get really hot. If it’s partly cloudy, the weather will be comfortably warm.

In northern Tenerife, the average weather does differ. The Teide volcano and nearby mountains protect the southern side of the island from the trade winds. These blow in from the Atlantic on the northern side of Tenerife.

For example, people living or staying in the most popular northern resort of Puerto de la Cruz typically experience temperatures ranging from 13 to 14°C at night, and an average high temperature of 18 to 19°C during the day. 

Drone shot of playa de la Arena in Tenerife

So it’s not yet not the time of the year to pick a place like Santa Cruz de Tenerife as your main holiday base; it’s still a little chilly there for comfort. We recommend choosing southern (Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos) or western (Los Gigantes, Playa Paraiso, Callao Salvaje) resorts.

To discover the sort of weather forecasts you can expect, this table compares the temperature in Tenerife in April in the north and south of the island.

North vs South April Temperature Comparison Chart

April past weather in Tenerife 2023

Sunshine and Rainfall

Though not one of the hottest months, there’s plenty of sunshine in April. Around eight hours of sunshine per 13 hours of daylight are average. Sunrise is at around 7:30 am and sunset at about 8:30 pm.

Though the average maximum temperature has not yet peaked, the UV index is high in April (over 8). So do take care in the sun. The sun shines brightest in the southern resorts. If you stay in the southern or western parts of the island, it’s almost guaranteed that the weather forecast won’t include rain. 

Even in the northern part, which is usually rainy in winter, the relative humidity is lower in April. You can expect to experience only one or two rainy days during April in northern Tenerife.

Water Temperature

So what’s the Tenerife weather in April like if you want to swim? The ocean temperature rises from 19°C in March to 20°C in April. For many that’s still not comfortable for swimming, but it really depends on the individual. You will certainly see some people out there in the water during April.

We actually visited Santa Cruz during the second half of April in 2022. Both adults and kids we ended up having a swim at Playa de las Teresitas. The water was pretty chilly but hey, that’s the north. It’s much warmer in the southern resorts. If the weather is hot enough for sunbathing, then you can definitely enjoy the ocean when you’re determined to.

Choose sheltered, small coves in the south if you can for swimming, where the water is a couple of degrees warmer.

Siam Park

Speaking of water activities, the main water park in Tenerife – Siam Park – is open all year. So you will have absolutely no problems with visiting it in April. 

Tower of power in Siam Park, Tenerife

The water is heated to a comfortable 24 degrees here. We would still recommend choosing a warm and sunny day for your day out, because it can be chilly, even in the heated water – and especially when walking between one ride and another. Check out our ultimate Siam Park guide for more tips.

You can also rent wetsuits at Siam Park, for adults and children.

What to Pack for Tenerife in April

During the day, temperatures in April are warm enough for beach days and sunbathing. So do pack your swimwear! The sunny and warm mid-spring weather means that comfortable clothes such as shorts, T-shirts and light dresses are ideal.

Sandals or flip flops are also perfect, but it is also worth taking proper footwear, particularly if you plan to go hiking. Don’t forget sun protection with UV filters too, plus perhaps a hat and sunglasses. 

Also bring a cardigan, fleece, jumper or light jacket for after sunset, plus a pair of jeans or long trousers. These will be helpful for venturing to northern Tenerife, or going to the peak of Teide via cable car. (It can be 12 to 15°C at the summit in April).

If hiking in Anaga Rural Park is part of your plan, take a rain jacket too because it can get wet there. 

Events in April

Easter / Holy Week

Holy Week (Semana Santa) takes place exactly one week before Easter. So depending on the dates, this may be at the end of March or during April.

Tenerife comes alive at this time, and a series of spectacular Semana Santa processions, reenactments and celebrations take place in various towns and villages. La Laguna in particular deserves a special mention. To immerse yourself in local culture (and colour), this is a great time to visit the island. 

San Cristobal de La Laguna

One of the processions you might want to see takes place in La Laguna on Good Friday. It consists of hooded, masked figures in conical hats, with barefoot monks trailing in their wake. 

Pros and Cons

So, to sum it up, here are the key advantages and disadvantages of visiting Tenerife in April. 

Pros of Visiting in April

  • The weather in Tenerife during April is lovely. The rainfall which was common in northern parts during winter has all but vanished, leaving 13 hours of daylight and eight hours of sunshine per day. 
  • April is ideal for discovering Tenerife without the crowds. It’s less busy than mid-June onwards, though Easter week is very popular.
Spring in Playa Paraiso beach
  • During March, April and May the island’s eternal spring is in full bloom, with lush greenery and colourful flowers to be seen everywhere.
  • In March and April, Teide National Park reaches the peak of its beauty. The flowering of the endemic Red Tajinaste (or Echium Wildpretii or Tajinaste Rojo) is breathtaking, and it’s a species seen nowhere else on earth.
Endemic red plants called tajinaste, Tenerife
  • April brings perfect hiking weather. The landscape is full of life and colour, with lush greenery and flowers in bloom. It’s not as hot as it is later in spring or during summer, so temperatures are more comfortable. 
  • Tenerife’s main tourist sites are more peaceful in mid-spring. There are fewer people queuing at Siam Park, for example.
  • If Easter falls during April, you can see the Semana Santa (Holy Week) celebrations for yourself, especially in La Laguna.

Cons of Visiting in April

  • While Tenerife is generally less crowded during April, the Easter period is really busy in Tenerife because of European school holidays. This means it’s harder to find flights and hotels at bargain prices.
  • For most, the sea temperature is still a little too cold for comfort (20°C on average). It’s great sunbathing weather, but if you really want to swim in the ocean, it’s better to visit during a different month. In small, sheltered coves, however, the water can be a couple of degrees warmer. By the very end of April, the ocean temperature will also have risen slightly.
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