About Us

Hello – or Hola as they say in the Canary Islands. We are Igor, Jovita, Adam and Daniel, and we’re delighted to have you here!

We are a family of four who love to travel as much as possible. Of all the places we’ve been so far, the Canary Islands really stand out for us because of the year-round sunny climate.

Due to the availability of flights, the Canaries are also really quick and easy to get to from mainland Europe, where we live. Flight tickets for destinations in the Canary Islands are also very affordable as compared to accessing the likes of Asian countries.

The Canary Islands are the perfect place for Europeans to visit all year round. Where else in Europe is warm enough during winter for you to enjoy a swim in the ocean?

We sincerely believe that the Canary Islands are seriously underrated. When considering this destination, we’re sad to see that some people seem to picture generic all-inclusive hotels, crowded beaches and noisy bars.

Tacky, in short. But there is so much more to the Canaries than that. Venture off the beaten track, even just a little, and you will soon see a completely different side to the Canary Islands. You might even get some parts all to yourself, even if only for a short while.

What’s also great is that every Canary Island is different, with its own distinct character. Experiencing a holiday in Tenerife, for example, does not mean that you’ve seen all the islands. Far from it.

Fuerteventura is totally different. Lanzarote, in turn, is quite unlike Tenerife or Fuerteventura. Lanzarote, for example, is packed with volcanoes, while Fuerteventura has mind-blowing beaches and barren deserts. Fertile La Palma is characterised by lush green landscapes.

If you want to enjoy a little of everything, then head to Tenerife or Gran Canaria. To explore each Canary Island is to take a very different trip. The archipelago offers a completely unique experience every time.

We find it hard to believe that someone can come to Tenerife, for instance, and not even visit the island’s northern side. It’s unfair to stay solely in a large, southern beach resort, where all the rowdy nightlife is, and then call Tenerife tacky.

We’ve visited the Canary Islands numerous times on different occasions. Now, we think we know them really well. (Though there’s always something new to discover and a reason to return.)

We’ve been to every Canary Island, and even lived in Tenerife for an entire year. Now that we’ve learned a lot about these lovely locations, we want to share all the tips and  tricks we’ve picked up along the way. 

It’s a challenge to uncover all the secrets of the Canaries during a fortnight’s holiday. Which is precisely why we created this website. To make your stay in the Canary Islands as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

As a family we are planning freaks.

We always plan our trips down to the smallest detail. In fact, we find that planning our journeys is just as enjoyable as the travelling itself!

When planning our travels, we do refer to various websites specialising in that precise location. For the Canary Islands, though, we haven’t come across one comprehensive, complete site that offers all the info we need.

While there are some really decent websites out there, no one site offers everything we need when planning a trip. So we decided to create our own website to fill that gap.

During our time in the Canary Islands, we’ve had lots of experiences. We explored an underground lava tube in Tenerife, slept in an ancient cave house in Gran Canaria and hiked a volcano in Lanzarote with two small children. We’ve also surfed the dunes in Fuerteventura, and were even bitten by parrots at La Palma Zoo.

So it’s safe to say – we’ve seen and done it all. If you want to fall in love with the Canary Islands as much as we have, then we’re very happy to have you here. We hope this site is a helpful resource when planning your trip.

All that remains to be said is welcome, have fun and above all – enjoy the Canary Islands!