A water slide in Siam Park, Tenerife

The Ultimate Guide to Siam Park in Tenerife [2024]

Siam Park in Tenerife is one of the world’s best water parks. This beautiful, Thai-themed water park offers lots of visitor attractions for everyone.

Attractions range from relaxing or fun-filled family experiences to exhilarating rides that are guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. The park also has a floating market, gift shop and several restaurants. 


  • There is a free shuttle bus operated by Siam Park with stops in Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. It runs daily between 9.30 AM and 6 PM. Buses can get full really quickly, though, so we recommend grabbing a taxi instead. It will also help you to beat the crowds.
  • Bringing your own food is a no-no in Siam Park unless you pay 3 euros and they let you consume it in a particular area near the entrance at a designated time slot. Just use in-park restaurants instead.

With 21 areas, attractions and rides to enjoy, it’s best to book early and plan your visit in advance to ensure you make the most of this exciting destination. This guide will take you through all you need to know, from times and ticket types to themed evenings, top tips, what to take with you and how to get there. 

General Information

Siam Park is widely regarded as one of the finest water parks in the world and one of the best things to do in Tenerife. Located in Costa Adeje, in southern part of the island, this sun-soaked water park is packed with activities and attractions to keep everyone busy all day long. 

As the name suggests, Siam Park is Thai-themed (Thailand was formerly known as Siam, until the name was changed during the first half of the twentieth century). Its attractions include adrenaline-inducing experiences like the Mekong and Patong Rapids, the Tower of Power and the Dragon with a 10 metre vertical drop.

Siam Park logotype

More relaxing activities are also available, including the Mai Thai River, Floating Market and Siam Beach. There are also family-oriented attractions like the Wave Palace, the Bodhi Trail and the Lost City.

Visitors to this large theme park can try a range of activities, from the special Sawasdee area for smaller children or Jungle Snake water ride through a tropical forest to watching wildlife at Sea Lion Island or experiencing the thrilling Vulcano, which begins with a ride through the darkness and ends with a laser light show.

As well as a range of other white-knuckle rides, relaxation areas and fun activities, Siam Park has a gift shop, Thai style floating market and a selection of restaurants. 

Siam Park Opening Times

  • Summer opening:    10:00 to 18:00
  • Winter opening:      10:00 to 17:00 

As you might expect in a winter holiday destination like Tenerife, Siam Park is open all year long. Within the pools, the water is maintained at 24°C during every month of the year. 

Slightly shorter opening hours are in operation during the colder months than in spring and summer. Between 1st May and 31st October, the park is open between 10am and 6pm daily. From 1st November to 30th April, it opens at the same time, but closes just an hour earlier. Siam Park thus operates between 10am and 5pm during the winter season.

Siam park entrance
The main Thai-themed entrance to Siam Park

Sunday is the quietest day at Siam Park, though during peak months the park can be packed every day. The park tends to be much quieter in winter. If you can, the best time to arrive is before the park gates actually open. This means you can be among the first guests, experiencing as much as possible before the crowds descend.

Siam Nights

  • Selected evenings in July and August
  • 8pm to midnight for 16+ only 

During the summer season – usually in July and August – there are themed evenings at the park in addition to the usual opening times. These ‘Siam Nights’ are for over 16s only, and run between 8pm and midnight. 

These themed evenings give visitors the chance to enjoy all the park rides without queuing for too long, as well as seeing the beautiful sight of the moonlit park. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is provided by live DJs. 

The cost of entry to the themed Siam Nights is the same as the price of a day ticket. The schedule is normally announced during the present year rather than in advance,  so you can simply check the website or call the park if you are in Tenerife during July or August to see what might be going on.

Siam Park Tickets

There are various ways to buy tickets for Siam Park. As well as general tickets, you can also purchase ‘twin tickets’ for both Siam Park and Loro Parque, or buy an annual pass. Some tickets allow you to enter the park via an exclusive separate entrance, and you can also add a ‘fast track’ facility to skip the queues. 

What’s Included

Whichever type of ticket you buy, the admission price includes the use of sun loungers and parasols at the park as well as the life jackets and inflatable tubes you’ll need for some rides. Free WiFi is also provided throughout the entire park.

Adding the ‘fast pass’ facility to your tickets can be very worthwhile, especially during peak periods when there may be long queues for each ride. We highly recommend the following ticket options. Some of these also include entry to Tenerife’s wildlife Loro Parque, as well as bus transfers to take you directly to the park.

A map of Siam Park in Tenerife
There are many map stands all over Siam Park so it’s always easy to check where are you located at the given moment

Types of Tickets

Siam Park advance purchase ticket

Even if you’re not sure of your plans, buying your ticket in advance secures your place while ensuring you can bypass the queues. If your plans do change, it’s not a problem as you can cancel just 24 hours in advance while receiving a full refund. This is a one-day Siam park ticket that you can either print off or show on your smartphone, and allows you access via a separate dedicated entrance.

At the moment of writing the price for adults is 40 euros, while for children aged 3-11 it’s 28 euros. Ages 2 and younger do not require a ticket. There are also options to pay more and get the ticket which includes locker, towel, and food. There is even an all-inclusive option.

Click here to view current Siam Park ticket prices

Siam Park and Loro Parque twin ticket

This combined ticket for Siam Park and Loro Parque allows you to visit both parks for less than the price you’d pay when buying each ticket separately. The ticket is valid for 14 days after the initial validation, giving you two weeks to visit both parks. Like the Siam Park only ticket, this is fully refundable if canceled at least 24 hours in advance, is instantly confirmed, and can also be used as a mobile ticket.

At the moment of writing the combined ticket prices are: 70 euros for adults and 49 euros for children aged 3-11. So it’s significantly cheaper than buying separate tickets to Siam Park and Loro Parque, which would cost you 80 euros for adults and 56 euros for children aged 3-11.

Click here to see Siam Park and Loro Parque combined ticket options

Siam Park and Loro Parque ticket with bus transfer

You can also buy the twin ticket for Siam Park and Loro Parque with a return bus transfer included. This transport is for Loro Parque, as there are other good transport services provided for Siam Park. (You can find out more about these in the section on getting to the park below.) As with the other tickets, this one includes mobile ticketing, 24-hour cancellation, and access via a separate park entrance. 

Click here to view Siam Park and Loro Parque tickets with transportation

What to Pack

There are several items not to forget when packing for a day trip to Siam Park. These include the following:

  • Water. You can buy this at the park, but as it’s important to stay hydrated in the heat, it’s best to bring enough for at least the start of the day.
  • Sun protection. Again, given Tenerife’s sunny climate, this is a necessity. It can be bought at the park shop or floating market, but it’s always wise to apply some before setting off for the day. 
  • Swimsuits. An absolute must for every member of the family. 
  • Beach shoes. Flip-flops are not permitted on the rides, so you either go barefoot or with beach shoes. The park’s floating market does sell these, but it will be cheaper to bring your own. It also ensures you have the right size. Beach shoes are also ideal when walking through the park, as the floor is hard and uncomfortable to walk on. It can also get very hot. You can wear flip-flops when wandering around the park, however, taking them off and leaving in special designated places when going to the rides.
  • Towels. A beach towel is recommended for each person, which can be used to sit on as well as for drying off.
A water slide in Siam Park
  • Cover-ups. If you’re visiting Siam Park outside the summer months, you may need some sort of cover-up to keep you or the children warm between rides. A quick-drying, zip-up hoodie, fleece, or robe is ideal. 
  • Cash. For small purchases like drinks, snacks, or souvenirs, it’s best to carry a small supply of cash. Siam Park does provide secure storage lockers for valuables, but it’s best to leave items like jewellery, watches, and electronics behind. If you don’t bring your smartphone, make sure you print a copy of your ticket to show instead, otherwise, you may not be able to gain entry.
  • GoPro strap. If you are taking a GoPro waterproof action camera to Siam Park, it’s essential to pack a compatible chest or head strap. While GoPros can be taken on rides, in the interests of safety this is only permitted if you have a secure means of fastening the camera to you. You cannot take the GoPro onto a ride without this. 
  • You may also need:
    • Swimming goggles. These are not recommended for use on faster rides but are ideal for calmer areas.
    • Kids’ life vests. Although the park provides these, kids may prefer to take their own.
    • Sun hats. To protect children’s heads from the strong sun.
    • Sunglasses. Plus a strap to keep them in place.
    • Hair ties. To ensure user safety on rides.
    • A wet-dry bag. For storing swimwear.
    • A waterproof smartphone pouch.
    • First aid kit &/ medical supplies.
    • A change of clothes.

Top Tips

When it comes to visiting any popular theme park, it’s best to know before you go. Here are some of our top insider tips for those planning a day at Siam Park.

  • Grab a Siam Park map. When you arrive at Siam Park, make sure you grab a map at the entrance. This will help you find your way around, which in turn will help you make the most of your day there. There are also map stands scattered all over the park so may also use them.
  • Rent a towel. If you do forget yours – or need another because your own gets soaked – you can rent a towel at the park for around 3 Euros.
Siam Park lockers
You can find lockers in different locations in Siam Park
  • Hire a locker. Lockers for valuables can be rented at the park, and as you can’t take items like phones, money or keys onto the rides you’re very likely to need one. There are two sizes to choose from, and which you need will depend on what you bring and how many of you can share.
    • Small lockers. These cost around 3 Euros.
    • Large lockers. It costs about 5 Euros for a bigger locker.

You will also have to pay a 5 euro security deposit for the lockers, which will be returned after handing over the keys.

Getting to Siam Park

Visitors can travel to Siam Park by car, or a comprehensive range of bus options is available. Which suits you best will depend on where you are staying and when you can travel.

By Car

If you are travelling to Siam Park from the direction of Santa Cruz in north-eastern Tenerife, take the south highway TF-1 and use exit 73 or 74.

When coming from Costa Adeje in south-western Tenerife, travel via the TF-1 highway and leave at exit 73.

Car parking at Siam Park

There are two car parks available: one free and another one paid. The one that is right by Siam Park’s entrance is paid. No matter if you will leave your car to the right or to the left side of the entrance. Places are limited and thus are subject to availability. The current cost is 4 Euros, but rates may be subject to change without warning.

The second car park is on the right side of Siam Park, right opposite the Siam Mall. And it’s actually free. However, it fills up very quickly, especially during high season, so do bear this in mind.

If you don’t arrive early during peak season, then you may have to find somewhere else to park. Parking at the nearby Siam Mall is an option.

By Bus

A free shuttle bus

If you’re staying in Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas or Costa Adeje, a free bus shuttle service is operated daily by Siam Park. You can check out the full schedule here.

From western Tenerife

Siam Park also operates a paid bus shuttle service from the west coast and north of the island. This includes a weekly bus from Los Gigantes which operates every Thursday and Sunday. The route goes through the resorts of Puerto de Santiago, Playa de la Arena, Alcala, Abama beach, Callao Salvaje, and Playa Paraiso. To find out more about this, click here to access the official guide, listing all the stops and timings. At the moment of writing this, the bus price is 15 euros for adults and 10 euros for children from 3 to 11 years old.

Tickets must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance, which you can do by going to the official Siam Park website, clicking on “Buy Tickets” and choosing “Bus Service” under “General Tickets”. They also say on the website that you have to confirm by calling +34 922 38 14 33.

From northern Tenerife

Another option is the bus that can take you from the north of the island to Siam Park. This sets off from Puerto de la Cruz, stopping in Santa Ursula, Santa Cruz, and Las Caletillas en route. Click here to check out the official guide with all the times and stops.

This route operates every day, departing the first stop at 08:10 in the morning. It departs Siam Park at 17:00. Once again, you must buy the ticket in advance on the Siam Park website. You should confirm by calling +34 922 38 14 33.

The tower of power slide in Siam Park

Puerto de la Cruz to Siam Park

The best option for those staying in the Puerto de la Cruz area is the official Siam Park shuttle bus detailed above. As this departs from Puerto de la Cruz, it’s ideal.

Travelling between Puerto de la Cruz and Siam Park by car will take just over an hour.

Los Gigantes or Puerto de Santiago to Siam Park

On Thursdays and Sundays, you can use the shuttle bus from Los Gigantes detailed above. Other options include taking a taxi or a local bus. A taxi to Siam Park will cost around 35-40 Euros each way, or local bus routes 473 and 477 travel to Costa Adeje bus station (Estación Costa Adeje T). The park is around 10 minutes’ walk from there, or you could take a taxi. If travelling by public bus, the 477 is the best bet, as Costa Adeje station is its final destination. The 477 will also get you there more quickly than the 473.

Los Cristianos to Siam Park

Those based in Los Cristianos can hop on the free shuttle service provided by Siam Park. This can be accessed via the ‘Centro Comercial Pasarela’ and ‘Hotel Sol Arona Tenerife’ stops. The first bus departs from here at around 10:15, and hourly throughout the day from then on.

By car, it takes around 10 minutes to drive from Los Cristianos to Siam Park. If you wish to travel via public bus, route 424 is the best bet as it begins at the ‘Los Cristianos (T)’ top. You should alight at the ‘Siam’ bus stop. You can find full details of the route by clicking here

Playa de las Americas to Siam Park

In Playa de las Americas, you can hop on the free Siam Park bus at stops ‘Llanos de Troya’, ‘Best Tenerife’ and ‘Centro Comercial Presidente’. The first bus leaves at 09:30. The full schedule is here.

Reaching Siam Park from Playa de las Americas by car will take around six minutes, or the public bus route 424 is again an option. You can catch this at the ‘Zentral Center’ or ‘Columbus’ bus stops, and should alight at the ‘Siam’ stop. You can check out the complete route if you click here.

Costa Adeje to Siam Park

As Siam Park is located in Costa Adeje, you may already be really close to it, though it could be a bit further away depending on exactly where you are staying. Once more, the free shuttle can be accessed via the ‘Centro Comercial El Duque’, ‘Centro Comercial Fañabe Plaza’, and ‘Villa Adeje Beach’ bus stops.

The public bus 424 route is also an option for those located near the ‘Los Geranios’ and ‘Magma’ stops. The full route can be viewed by clicking here.

When arriving at Costa Adeje bus station (Estación Costa Adeje T) from any other town, Siam Park is just 10 minutes’ walk away. Alternatively, you could take a taxi.

Siam Park Rides and Slides

There are 21 relaxing, family, and adrenaline attractions at Siam Park. Here is a little about each of these to help you plan your day, including height restrictions. (Where none is stated, no height restriction applies).

Relaxing Attractions

Siam Beach

Siam Beach is a large, man-made white sand beach complete with its own wave pool – the Palace of Waves. It’s a lovely area in which to cool off and relax after a hectic time experiencing the rides.

Floating Market

The Thai style floating market is open during park hours, and is the place for all the family to pick up souvenirs – as well as essentials like sunscreen or snacks. 

The floating market in Siam Park, Tenerife

Sea Lion Island

Right by the park entrance is Sea Lion Island, where these cute creatures welcome you to the park. Watching them splash about in the water is good, clean fun for all the family.

The Sea Lion Island inside Siam Park in Tenerife
The Sea Lion Islands inside Siam Park where you can observe a group of playful sea lions


There are three private beach villas available for hire at Siam Park. These cabanas come fully equipped with hammocks, a shower area and towels, TV, sofa, fan and minibar. Guests booking these are also issued with a Fast Pass. 

A maximum of 6 people can book each cabana

Champagne Club

Strictly for adults only, Siam Park’s Champagne Club features comfortable outdoor seating and a line of luxurious, white linen bedecked four-poster beds. 

A maximum of 2 people can book each Balinese bed

Mai Thai River

This is a calming ‘lazy river’ that you can travel along on an inflatable. It has faster and slower sections, as well as a relaxation zone. There are great views, and attractive tropical foliage adorns each side. 

Minimum Height: 1.10 metres

The Mai Thai lazy river attraction in Siam Park, Tenerife
The Mai Thai river attraction is suitable even for families with small kids

Family Attractions


Sawasdee is a dedicated area for little ones, allowing them to enjoy all the fun of the park in their very own zone. There are downscaled versions of the park’s most popular attractions, ensuring the smaller members of the family don’t miss out.

The Sawasdee area for children in Siam Park, Tenerife
Another great area for children, Sawasdee offers a few great rides kids will love

The Lost City

This is one of Siam Park’s key attractions, with activities for kids of all ages. The only purpose-built baby pool in Tenerife can be found here, along with 15 water slides plus bridges, cascades, towers and nets for children to play on. 

The Lost City attraction for children in Siam Park, Tenerife
The main attraction of the Lost City is a regular shower from the huge monkey water bucket
The baby pool in Siam Park
The baby pool for the littlest ones is located right nearby the Lost City

The Wave Palace

The Wave Palace boasts the biggest artificial waves on the planet, reaching up to three metres high. Or if you prefer, you simply paddle at the white sandy shoreline instead. 

The Wave Palace attraction in Siam Park

Coco Beach

A special feature of Coco beach is the white African sand that does not stick to the skin, though it also has much more to offer. Highlights include a restaurant area for al fresco dining and a lifeguard patrolled pool with artificial waves.

The Coco Beach for children in Siam Park, Tenerife
The Coco Beach is like a miniature version of the Wave Palace with small waves for children

Bodhi Trail

The Bodhi Trail is a treetop level walk for kids and adults alike to explore. It comprises a series of bridges joined by observation towers, set among tropical jungle, with calming sounds provided by a central fountain water feature.

The Bodhi Trail playground for kids in Siam Park, Tenerife

Naga Racer

The Naga Racer offers Siam Park guests the chance to race against friends and family. This exhilarating ride is definitely one for thrill-seeking and competitive types.

Minimum Height: 1.10 metres

The Naga Racer slide in Siam Park, Tenerife

Jungle Snake

The Jungle Snake allows visitors to float on inflatables, through a series of open and closed water channels, in a tropical woodland setting. 

Minimum Height: 1.10 or 1.25 metres

The Giant

As the name suggests, ‘El Gigante’ is the world’s largest water slide of its kind, taking guests on an adventurous, fantastical voyage as they pass through the tunnels.

Minimum Height: 1.25 metres

Adrenaline Attractions

Mekong Rapids

Ride the rapids with up to three others in an inflatable boat for a fun-filled journey of adventure.

Minimum Height: 1.10 metres
A maximum of 4 people can ride in each inflatable

Patong Rapids

Located by the Mekong Rapids, the Patong Rapids is also a family ride for up to four. Highlights include the twin flying saucer feature, and the ride is based on the mighty Mammoth by ProSlide.

Minimum Height: 1.10 metres
A maximum of 4 people can ride in each inflatable


Kinaree is a huge, thrill-filled, twisting slide with a whirlwind of an ending. There are covered and open sections to ride along, and you can take to the water as a family or group of four if you wish.

Minimum Height: 1.25 metres
A maximum of 4 people can ride in each inflatable


The Dragon is designed to provide a ‘zero gravity’ sensation. Again up to four riders can occupy a boat, and the biggest thrill comes courtesy of the completely vertical funnel.

Minimum Height: 1.25 metres
A maximum of 4 people can ride in each inflatable

The Dragon water slide in Siam Park, Tenerife

The Vulcano

Up to four guests can occupy each inflatable for a ride through the darkness, culminating in a spectacular laser light show. The sensation is one of travelling to infinity.

Minimum Height: 1.25 metres
A maximum of 4 people can ride in each inflatable


Named like the famous Thai beer, Singha is one impressive water slide, incorporating rapid turns and numerous changes of direction. The speeds of descent are unsurpassed, and the ride resembles a watery roller coaster more than a slide.

Minimum Height: 1.25 metres

Tower of Power

Patrons must be 14 years old or 1.4 metres in height to ride the Tower of Power, and in doing so may reach speeds of up to 50 miles – or 80 kilometres – per hour. The ride ends as each solo rider passes the thrilling sight of a shark and ray filled aquarium.

Minimum Height/Age : 1.4 metres or 14 years

The Tower of Power slide in Siam Park, Tenerife

Siam Park Food Options

There are several bars and restaurants at Siam Park, serving up a range of food and beverages ranging from Thai curries, hot dogs, burgers, crepes, cakes, or ice cream to coffee, cocktails or sangria.

The beach club restaurant at Siam Park, Tenerife

Bars and Restaurants at Siam Park

The Tea House

The place to go for coffee, specialty teas, and crepes. 

Beach Club restaurant

Guests can dine on the likes of chicken and burgers here, right by the white sandy beach. Thai curries and pasta are also available.

Beach Bar

The Beach Bar serves hot dogs, barbecued food, and a range of drinks including cocktails.

Sweet Siam

A selection of tempting treats, like cakes and ice cream, are for sale at Sweet Siam.

Thai Bar

For those in search of a sophisticated hangout, Thai Bar offers champagne and sangria as well as cocktails.

Other Dining Options

The picnic area

Visitors are not permitted to bring their own food to Siam Park, unless they pay 3 Euros for it to be safely stored. If you do this, you can also use the exclusive picnic area provided for such paying guests only. 

Siam Mall

Another option exists in the form of Siam Mall, which is just five minutes’ walk from the park. You can find out more about what the mall has to offer at the bottom of this post.  

All-Inclusive Holiday Offers for Siam Park

Selected Tenerife hotels may offer deals that include unlimited access to Siam Park for their guests. Here is a brief outline of the best options we’ve found. 

Gran Oasis Resort & Siam Park Waterpark

Guests at the four star Gran Oasis benefit from unlimited access to Siam Park. Located in Playa de las Americas and close to Los Cristianos, this elegant hacienda style property has two pools and a free guest shuttle to the beach.

Granada Park & Siam Park Waterpark

This three star aparthotel is next to the golf course in Playa de la Americas and also convenient for sandy Los Cristianos beach. All rooms have a kitchenette plus a balcony or terrace, and one of the outdoor pools is heated during winter.

Green Garden Resort & Suites & Siam Park Waterpark

With three pools and a kids’ playground as well as complimentary access to Siam Park, the Green Garden resort is paradise for families. This four star hotel also boasts a Thai style spa and is located next to Golf Las Americas.

Spring Hotel Bitacora & Siam Park Waterpark

As well as unlimited access to Siam Park, Spring Hotel Bitcora has some impressive attractions of its own – including a children’s adventure park, teen amenities and a tropical style pool area complete with water slides.

Siam Mall

  • Open 10:00 to 21:30 daily

Siam Mall makes a great pitstop after visiting Siam Park. There are 70 shops and restaurants, so it’s the ideal place for dinner as well as offering the chance to pick up a unique item or bargain. The Mall is open between 10am and 9.30pm, giving you several hours in which to shop or dine after Siam Park has closed.

Siam Mall in Tenerife

There are 17 food and drink outlets at Siam Mall to choose from, including Burger King, Subway, and Starbucks as well as more specialist eateries such as the Tex Mex Company, Noodles Box & Sushi, and Soul Kitchen Tenerife.

As for shops, these range from famous fashion stores like Mango, Havaianas, Guess, Vans, H&M, Timberland, and Zara to lesser-known options. There are retailers dealing in jewellery, homeware, childrenswear, mobile phones, perfume, and even properties, as well as a Hiperdino supermarket.

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