Water park in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise Water Park (Aquapark) – Our Honest Review

This water park in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote is the largest on the island. It offers fun-filled slides and rides for every member of the family, from toddlers to adrenaline-seeking adults. You can even play paintball or VR here too. 

The water park in Costa Teguise, called Aquapark, is Lanzarote’s largest. Offering a wide range of slides, rides and attractions for all ages, it’s ideal when you’re seeking a destination for a family day out. The park can be found in the resort of Costa Teguise on Lanzarote’s east coast. 

Aquapark Lanzarote has rides and water slides to suit everyone, as well as a good selection of cafes, restaurants and bars. Other family-friendly activities are also available here, as is a dedicated toddler zone. The park occupies a site of well over 20,000 square metres, and every corner is packed with fun-filled attractions. 

The territory of Aquapark

For older visitors, the best water park in Lanzarote also has plenty to offer, not least the Kamikaze ride that will get your heart racing. For the less adventurous, the Whirlwind offers a slightly gentler experience. 

On a more practical note, Aquapark has a couple of big swimming pools, plus sunny terraces with loungers, lockers, changing rooms, eateries and shops.

This honest review of Aquapark in Costa Teguise is based on our own recent experience of visiting in summer 2023. We spent the day there as a family with children aged five and seven in tow. Read on to discover all you should know about this top Lanzarote family attraction, as well as our personal perspective on whether it’s worth visiting. 

Aquapark Opening Times

Costa Teguise water park is weather-dependent, and is usually open between April and November. It closes for the winter season, when the Canary Islands aren’t quite warm enough for sunbathing and swimming outside. 

During the summer holiday season, Aquapark is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Park Amenities

There are plenty of lifeguards at the park to make sure everyone has a safe as well as an enjoyable visit. 

Aquapark has a cafe and restaurant on site, and children’s menus are available here. We can thoroughly recommend the tasty hot dogs served here!

For your convenience, you’ll find toilets, showers and changing rooms at Aquapark, and you can also rent lockers for storing valuables – as well as anything you want to keep dry. 

Costa Teguise Aquapark lockers

Though not all water parks in the Canaries provide free parking, you can find spaces at no extra charge close to the park entrance. 

Useful Information

  • The outdoor pools at Aquapark are unheated.
  • Bringing your own food and drinks to Aquapark is prohibited.  
  • Cameras, including GoPros, cannot be used on the water slides.
  • For those with limited mobility, pool lifts plus adapted toilets and changing rooms with disabled access are provided.
  • Bring a pair of flip flops or ideally beach shoes with you, as the floors here get very hot indeed during the summer months. 
Water slides in Aquapark, Lanzarote

Aquapark Ticket Prices

All Day Entry

  • Adults (ages 13 to 64): 26€ 
  • Children (ages 4 to 12) and Seniors (65+): 18€
  • Children under 3 go free

Half-Day Entry (14:00 to 17:00 hrs Only)

  • Adults (ages 13 to 64): 18€
  • Children (ages 4 to 12) and Seniors (65+): 14€ 
  • Children under 3 go free

What’s Included

All adult, child and senior ticket prices for Costa Teguise Aquapark include free WiFi access throughout the whole park, the use of sunbeds and parasols and equipment such as inflatable tubes and life jackets that you’ll require for some of the rides and slides.

What’s not Included

You can also pay park staff directly for additional activities, as follows:

Virtual Reality at Aquapark

Aquapark’s Cyberduck allows adults and kids alike to experience a range of environments and activities. Don a headset and you can soar high in the sky, shoot zombies, dive into the ocean deep or slice through your enemies with a lightsaber. 

VR waterpark guest prices:
– 15 minutes: 6€
– 30 minutes: 12€
– 1 hour: 20€

VR non-guest prices:
– 15 minutes: 12€
– 30 minutes: 18€
– 1 hour: 26€

Indoor Paintball

It might not be something you’d expect to find at a water park, but the indoor paintball facility at Aquapark offers great fun for all the family. You’ll feel like you’re really engaging in combat, with lighting and sound effects that enhance the experience. 

Participants need to be aged 16 or over, and a photo ID card or passport is required. 

Paintball waterpark guest price: 12€
Paintball non-guest price: 15€


Aquapark also offers a photographic service, and pictures are offered for sale to guests. 

What to Pack

When you’re packing for a family day out at this water park in Costa Teguise, here are some essentials to include:

  • Sun protection. Apply some sunscreen before setting off for Aquapark, and make sure you use a waterproof formula. Bring enough supplies to last you the rest of the day too. Otherwise, you should be able to buy a suitable product at the shop on site. 
  • Water. As you cannot bring drinks into the park, make sure you drink some water on the way to stay hydrated. You can then buy more water after arrival. 
  • Swimsuits. You won’t get far without these! 
  • Towels. You can use a beach towel to sit on, or for drying off, so do bring one per person. 
  • Flip-flops or beach shoes. Flip-flops or beach shoes will protect your feet from the heat of the floor in summer.  
  • Cash. Carrying a small amount of cash is useful for minor purchases like snacks, drinks and souvenirs. Aquapark does offer secure storage lockers for valuables, but as items are left at your own risk it’s best to leave unnecessary gadgets, jewellery and watches behind. Be sure to bring a printed copy of your entry ticket if you won’t be bringing your smartphone.
  • You might also need:
    • Swimming goggles. For safety reasons, these are not recommended for fast rides, but are ideal for swimming.
    • Sun hats. To prevent burning beneath the strong Canarian sun.
    • Sunglasses. Those with a strap to ensure they stay put are best.
    • Hair ties. Long hair should be tied back for some slides and rides.
    • Childrens’ life vests. The park does supply these, but some kids might prefer to bring one of their own.
    • A wet-dry bag. For storing used swimwear and towels separately.
    • A waterproof phone pouch.
    • First aid kit &/ medication.
    • A spare set of clothes.

Getting to Aquapark in Costa Teguise

Aquapark is located around two kilometres from central Costa Teguise. There are several ways to reach the park, either from the resort or from other parts of the island. You can take the waterpark shuttle bus service, or use the public bus routes from places like Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen. 

Parking here is free of charge, if you have a rental car. The park is around 20 minutes by car from Puerto del Carmen, or about 40 minutes from Playa Blanca.

Public Bus

You can catch the bus to Costa Teguise water park via line 1 from Arrecife, line 3 from Puerto del Carmen or line 25 from Puerto Calero. 


From Other Parts of Lanzarote

  • Join the LZ-1 and head in the direction of Tahiche.
  • Near Fundación César Manrique in the Tahiche area you’ll come across the Monumento Cesar Manrique roundabout. Here, take the eastern exit onto the LZ-34, heading in the direction of Costa Teguise.
  • Drive along the LZ-34, aka Avenide el Golf. After around four kilometres – and about a kilometre past Costa Teguise Golf Club, you’ll reach the Aquapark entrance on the right. 

From Costa Teguise

  • Join the LZ-18, heading towards Playa Bastian, before exiting west to join the LZ-34 – or Avenida el Golf – in the direction of Tahiche. 
  • After around a kilometre, you’ll see the Aquapark entrance on the left. 

Shuttle Bus

Aquapark Costa Teguise offers a hotel pick-up service from Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca. This costs 7,00€ for a return ticket.

Puerto del Carmen

If you’re staying in Puerto del Carmen, you can check out the schedule here.

During summer, the bus shuttle service runs twice daily: at 09:30 and 10:30 (or on Sundays, only at 10.30). The bus returns from Aquapark at 16:30.

In autumn, only one bus operates, at 09:30 daily. In spring, though, the schedule is a little more complicated. Mostly, the same bus departs at 09:30, but this doesn’t apply every single day. The schedule linked to above lists all the hotels and other places where the bus stops, plus the days of operation.

Puerto Calero

If you’re staying in Puerto Calero, here is also the option of catching a shuttle from here at 10:15 in April, May, September, October and November. In the summer months, there is also an 11:15 service. These shuttles only operate on the same days that the shuttle runs from Puerto del Carmen. You’ll need to make a reservation beforehand if you want to use this service.

Playa Blanca

If you’re staying in Playa Blanca, the shuttle bus service begins at 09:00 (though hotel pick-up times will vary) and returns from Aquapark at 17:00. This one does not operate daily, however. The service is only available on Fridays in April, May, September, October and November, plus there is an additional shuttle on Mondays during the summer months.

You can check out the full timetable here.


It’s also possible to reach the water park by taxi. You won’t have a problem with getting back, either, as there is a taxi rank just outside.

Aquapark Slides

There is a selection of 18 rides, slides and attractions at Aquapark. These include relaxing, family-friendly and adrenaline attractions.

A complete map of all the slides in Costa Teguise Aquapark
A complete map of all the slides and activities in Aquapark Costa Teguise

Family Attractions

We absolutely loved the section of the park that’s dedicated to toddlers. In fact our two kids, aged five and seven, enjoyed it even more than the toddler zone at the almighty Siam Park in Tenerife.

The area is labelled as Lago Infantil (or Children’s Lake) on the Aquapark map. There are plenty of slides of different sizes here, so every child is sure to find something that they like. Even though our kids are no longer toddlers, they loved the selection of slides.

Lago Infantil (Children’s Lake) Area in Costa Teguise Aquapark

Toilets can be found close to the Lago Infantil section, which comes in very handy when you have small children.

Children’s Slides

Found in the area marked as number 3 on the map (Toboganes Infantiles) these slides are slightly bigger. They are not for toddlers. I would say these slides are for kids aged over five, but it all depends on how brave your child is feeling. While our seven year old enjoyed them, our five year old son couldn’t quite bring himself to try them.

There is one tube slide, plus five regular slides.

Children’s Slides (Toboganes Infantiles) in Costa Teguise Aquapark

Children’s Wave Pool

Minimum height: 1 metre

Somehow, we must have missed this pool (Piscina de Olas Infantil) when we were visiting the park. I’m sure that it’s awesome, though!

The wave pool is suitable for children over a metre tall.


Minimum height: 1 metre

These forward-facing slides are ideal for racing alongside one another as a family. They’re suitable for anyone who’s over a metre tall. As they’re all the same length, you can have a fair competition if you want to. 

Aquaracer slides in water park, Lanzarote

The Spiral

Minimum height: 1.2 metres

We had good fun on the Spiral. It’s a bit tricky to get into, and you’ll descend at speed in complete darkness, but we loved it. In fact this one can even cause grown men to scream!

The Spiral slide in Costa Teguise Aquapark

Doubles Slides

Minimum height: 1.2 metres

Double slides (or Toboganes Dobles in Spanish) are great for two people who want to challenge one another to a race. Both slides are the same length, but curve differently on the way down. You’ll end up side by side by the bottom. 

Double slides (Toboganes Dobles)


Minimum height: 1.2 metres

Older kids and adults can enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled Kamikaze ride. My husband says that it’s not as bad as the name suggests, and that he had lots of fun on this one.

Kamikaze slide in Costa Teguise Aquapark

Soft Slides

Minimum height: 1.2 metres

The soft slides, or Pistas Blandas, offer a more relaxing experience. Sometimes you will be given a float to use, or you might be able to go straight down the slide without one. In either case, this gentle ride is good fun for everyone. 

Soft slides (Pistas Blandas)

Crazy River

Minimum height: 1.2 metres

The Crazy River, or Rio Loco on the map, is a river with rapid currents. Here, you’ll sit on an inflatable ring, while following the winding water course and being carried by the current. We’d say it’s more like a lazy river than a crazy river!


Minimum height: 1.2 metres

This is a tunnel slide that faces forwards and winds around. Though it might look quite scary, it isn’t at all as the speed isn’t too fast.

Turbolancha and Acqualancha slides in Costa Teguise


Minimum height: 1.2 metres

This swirling slide is right by the Turbolancha, and is similar in shape, but in this case you go downwards while sitting on a rubber ring. There’s a few winding loops before you land in the pool of water at the base. 

Even with small children, this slide is recommended for families. The only negative is that there can be quite a long wait for a ring to become available. So do expect some queueing, before you can head up with a rubber ring to take your turn. 

Attractions for Adrenaline Seekers

Those who aren’t afraid of heights and high speeds can sample the three most adrenaline-inducing experiences at this water park in Costa Teguise. These are the Super Kamikaze, the Whirlwind and the Stuka. This trio is guaranteed to get your adrenaline flowing, while travelling downwards at top speeds. 

Super Kamikaze

Minimum height: 1.2 metres

If you love an adrenaline-filled thrill, then you cannot miss out on the Super Kamikaze when visiting this water park in Costa Teguise. The vertical ride is super fast, and it’s only for those who are feeling adventurous. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this slide. It offers a good balance – it’s not too crazy, but will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. Do keep in mind, though, before taking the plunge, that you’ll be thrown into a deep pool of water in the end. We were amazed that a small kid went on right before us, then was thrown into that deep pool. The minimum height is too low in our opinion, and we wouldn’t recommend this ride for younger children. 

Super Kamikaze and Stuka slides in Aquapark


Minimum height: 1.4 metres

Expect a big adrenaline rush as you ascend the steepest slide in the park at top speed.

This is the tallest and steepest slide in the park. I wasn’t brave enough to try it, though my husband did. His comment was that “it’s not a joke, for sure!”

Torbellino or Whirlwind

Minimum height: 1.4 metres

Commencing with a sudden drop, riders of the Torbellino are launched into a bowl at speed. Once in this pool of water, a few rotations involving centrifugal forces means staying high up on the edge of the bowl. At the end, you’ll go down a hole that leads to a landing pool.

Pool and Jacuzzi

When entering the park, you can’t fail to notice a large outdoor huge pool surrounded by sunbeds. At any time of the day, you can take a short break here before heading back to the park’s exciting attractions.

Water park in Costa Teguise

Aquapark also has a jacuzzi, close to the small pool with the Espiral slide and double slides. With massage jets and lots of bubbles, this can be a restorative and reviving experience. As it’s near the children’s splash area, adults can enjoy a soak while their children play nearby and in view.  

Our Opinion of Aquapark Overall

Even though this water park in Costa Teguise is showing some signs of age, and is not the biggest water park by any means, we all enjoyed our visit very much. The section for little ones really does stand out, and is probably the best one we’ve seen in any water park in the Canaries.

Highlights include a good selection of slides scattered throughout the park, which are suitable for all age groups. Every member of the family is sure to find a slide that they love. 

Aquapark also has a plentiful supply of sunbeds. Unlike at other parks, such as Aqualand in Gran Canaria, these are free to use once you’ve paid for your entrance ticket. 

The cost of admission is also lower than at other water parks in the Canary Islands. Having a half-day ticket option is also very good, allowing you to save even more money while still visiting the park and having fun.

The food available at Aquapark is of decent quality, and is reasonably priced.

All in all, this is a very nice water park. We’d say it’s a must-visit, whether you’re staying in Costa Teguise or elsewhere in Lanzarote. A fun-filled day is guaranteed for the whole family. In fact, our children loved it so much that they asked if we could return the very next day!

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