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Tenerife in June: Weather, What to Pack & Events

During June, you can expect summer weather in Tenerife. While it’s warm, the first half of the month in particular isn’t as hot as July or August. The island is more peaceful too, as the seasonal peak hasn’t yet been reached. 

June is in many ways the best month overall for visiting Tenerife if you want to have it all: perfect weather, warm water, good prices and not yet too many crowds.

Despite the fact that the weather in Tenerife tends to be sunny all year round, the major tourist influx occurs during summer. The good news is that you’ll be just ahead of the crowds by visiting then, as peak season is in full swing by July. Tenerife weather in June is ideal, with temperatures in the 20s and many daily hours of sunlight. 

Black sand beach Playa Jardin , Tenerife

The temperature in Tenerife in June is also perfect for exploring the biggest Canary Island, as it’s pleasant rather than too hot. June is also an appealing month in terms of events.

On 23rd June, the festival of St John (San Juan) is celebrated, particularly in Puerto de la Cruz, with barbecues, bonfires, beach parties, music and fireworks. La Orotava also comes alive for Corpus Christi, with flowers and sand carpeting the town.  Teide National Park is also covered with colourful Tajinaste plants.

Here’s everything you need to know about June in Tenerife.

Air Temperature 

So how hot is Tenerife in June? The average temperature in Tenerife South is usually around 24 to 26°C during the day. But it can be as high as 30°C. Do bear in mind that this refers to the temperature in the shade, so it can feel much hotter under the sun.

At night it’s usually around 20 to 21°C, and about a degree more by the end of June.

In the northern parts of the island – such as Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the climate is a few degrees cooler. You can expect temperatures of about 20 to 23°C during the daytime, and 16 to 17°C at night. 

Palm trees in Teresitas beach

Overall, the weather in Tenerife in June does reflect the fact that it’s early summer, so it can get pretty hot. But the fresh ocean breeze always helps to cool you down.

June in Tenerife is perfect for a seaside holiday. The temperature is just right for sunbathing. If you prefer milder temperatures, then do visit Tenerife during the first half of June. By late June, July and August, it can get very hot.

In northern Tenerife there are cooler temperatures by several degrees, but you can expect about 10 daily hours of sunshine. In some places, such as Anaga Rural Park or the Orotava valley, however, it can remain cloudy even in summer.

We’ve created a table so you could compare the day and night temperatures in the southern resort of Playa de las Americas and the northern resort of Puerto de la Cruz in June 2022.

North vs South June Temperature Comparison Table

June past weather in Tenerife 2022

Water Temperature

The seas surrounding the Canary Islands also become warmer in June. This affects both the southern and northern beach resorts, and also the island’s natural pools. Ocean temperatures are around 21 to 22ºC – like a warm bath. 

La laja pool in Tenerife

June is probably the first month of the year when not only tourists can be seen in the ocean: locals have also started swimming by now. Because of that, on weekends the beaches can get crowded.

For some visitors, especially those who are used to warm Mediterranean waters, the average sea temperature still may feel a little too chilly for comfort. If you favour higher water temperatures, you could stay somewhere with a heated swimming pool in Tenerife. Some of these even contain heated seawater. 

Sunshine and Rainfall

Usually, there is plenty of sunshine in Tenerife during June. You will rarely encounter any cloudy days at this time of year, and the relative humidity is low.

Sunrise is at around 7 am and sunset at about 9 pm in June. So expect 14 hours of daylight, with 10 hours of sunshine every day. This gives you more daylight hours, during which you can take longer excursions to explore the island. As it’s not yet the hottest month, this can be more comfortable too. 

Las Americas beach, Tenerife

Only around 10 mm of rain falls during the whole month of June. So day after day the weather forecast is likely to predict more-or-less endless sunshine. June is one of the driest months in the year, with almost no precipitation. In the south this is no big deal, as it rarely rains there. But June is the perfect month for exploring the northern side of the island, where the weather is a few degrees cooler and it’s also wetter in winter and spring.

What to Pack for Tenerife in June

For a summer holiday in the Canaries, pack light clothing such as t-shirts, shorts, skirts and sundresses. Sandals or flip flops are also ideal. You’ll only need proper shoes for hiking or visiting Teide National Park.

It’s a great time for swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, so do pack your swimwear. For protection during sun exposure, you’ll also need sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap or sunhat. The UV index is high in June. 

Evenings can differ. Some are balmy, so it’s t-shirt weather, while some can be a bit chilly. So do pack a jumper, hoodie, cardigan or light jacket just in case. These will also come in handy if you plan to take the cable car to the top of Teide. 

It’s much colder and windier at altitude than at coastal resorts like Costa Adeje or Los Cristianos. Trade winds also affect the north and central zone of the island more. 

Events in June

The island is packed with events of all kinds in June. These vary from natural spectacles in Teide National Park, to colourful celebrations attracting thousands of people. If you will be on the island during the first month of summer, make sure you attend at least one of these. They’re all really enjoyable things to do.

The Blooming of Red Tajinaste in Teide National Park

One of the best things to do in Tenerife June is to visit Teide to see the red Tajinaste (Echium Wildpretii) in bloom. This plant is endemic to the Canary Islands, and elsewhere may instead grow white, blue or purple flowers. 

Blooming endemic red plants (Tajinaste) in Tenerife

The scarlet flowers are found mainly in Teide National Park, and are a spectacular sight. The red Tajinaste flowers begin blooming around the second week of May. La Fortaleza and Llano de Ucanca viewpoints are the best places to view them from, but you will find them in a variety of places inside the national park.

June is when spring truly starts in Teide National Park. So you can see everything in bloom then: not only the red Tajinaste, but lots of different flora. As the Tajinaste can be a few metres tall, though, they are the most magnificent sight. Each plant only lives for a couple of years, but as the wind scatters the seeds there’s never a shortage of new ones.

Corpus Christi Celebrations

Corpus Christi falls somewhere between late May and mid-June, and after Carnaval is Tenerife’s most dazzling fiesta.

Coloured volcanic sand, dyed salt and flower petals are painstakingly arranged on paved areas to make up enormous artworks. These may take the form of elaborate abstract patterns, can be religious pictures, or are sometimes copied from Old Masters.  La Orotava is the best place to see these, and the procession which crushes the flower petals, filling the air with their fragrance. 

Corpus Christi celebration in La Orotava

The tradition dates back to 1847, when the first such artwork appeared. Now La Orotava is famous for its floral carpets during Corpus Christi. Other celebratory events at this time include music, dancing, food and wine.

Fiesta de San Juan

St John’s or San Juan’s feast day is always on the 24th June, but Noche de San Juan is celebrated the evening before. It marks the start of summer, and a fresh start for the islanders.

Beach parties and bonfires make this a magical night in places such as Punta del Hidalgo, Guía de Isora and Puerto de la Cruz. The latter is the epicentre of these celebrations, and we recommend heading to Playa de Jardin to celebrate with thousands of people. Music, feasting and drinking always take place with friends, family or even the people you’ll meet on the beach.

Find out more about celebrations in Puerto de la Cruz here.

Pros and Cons

To summarise, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of taking a break in Tenerife during June.

Pros of Visiting in June

  • June’s weather is ideal for discovering Tenerife, as it’s warm but not yet too hot. You can expect 10 hours of sunshine every day, and virtually no rain at all.
  • The days are long in June. With 14 hours of daylight, there is plenty of time for exploring every day.
  • Compared to July and August, June is not as busy. So you can still enjoy relatively peaceful resorts, plus shorter queues in such places as Siam Park
Mai Thai lazy river in Siam Park
  • Prices haven’t yet peaked, so it’s cheaper to stay in Tenerife in June as compared to later in summer.
  • With ocean temperatures of around 21 to 22ºC, June is ideal for sea swimming. 
  • June is packed with all kinds of events that are very much worth visiting. You can experience Corpus Christi or Fiesta de San Juan, and witness the spectacle of blooming red Tajinaste in Teide National Park.

Cons of Visiting in June

  • June is not the ideal month for hiking, because it can get pretty hot. It’s definitely better than July and August, though. But in general autumn, winter, and spring are better for hiking in Tenerife.
  • The evenings in June can still be a bit chilly. If you want warmth all day and night, then July and August may be better months to visit.
  • The second part of June does mark the start of the tourist influx. More and more families with children start arriving, due to the European school holidays. So it can be noisy and busy in places. If you’re seeking a quiet, relaxing time and are flexible regarding dates, we recommend visiting Tenerife outside of the summer months.


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The unmissable top attractions in Tenerife are: Siam Park (tickets here), Loro Parque (tickets here) and Teide National Park (cable car tickets + transfer).

We also recommend taking at least one guided tour. Our favourite place for booking tours in Tenerife is GetYourGuide.

Top 3 excursions on the island:

Our favourite websites for accommodation in Tenerife are: (for hotels) and VRBO (for apartments and holiday homes).

The best hotels for families with kids (in our opinion):

Luxury: GF Victoria (Costa Adeje) or Bahia Principe Fantasia (Golf del Sur)
Mid-Range: Spring Hotel Bitácora (Playa de las Americas) or Iberostar Bouganville Playa (Costa Adeje)
Budget: GF Isabel (Costa Adeje) or Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel (Los Cristianos)

The best adults-only hotels:

Luxury: Iberostar Grand El Mirador (Costa Adeje) or Gran Melia Palacio de Isora (Alcalá)
Mid-Range: Tigotan Lovers & Friends (Playa de las Americas) or Iberostar Selection Sábila (Costa Adeje)
Budget: Barceló Santiago (Puerto de Santiago)

Top hotels for everyone:

Luxury: The Ritz-Carlton, Abama or Bahia del Duque (Costa Adeje)
Mid-Range: Hard Rock Hotel (Playa Paraiso) or Dreams Jardin Tropical Resort & Spa (Costa Adeje)
Budget: Alexandre Hotel Gala or Olé Tropical Tenerife (both Playa de las Americas)

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