Stairs to Playa de Abama

Playa de Abama – Tenerife’s Unique Beach Hidden Between The Cliffs

Playa Abama is one of the finest beaches in Tenerife – in the eyes of some, it’s number one. This lovely spot boasts powdery golden sand lapped by warm, calm crystal clear waters.

The history

Abama beach was created by the Ritz-Carlton hotel for guests to enjoy, and it offers a refreshing contrast to the black volcanic sands that characterize the other beaches on the island.

As it’s protected by a swathe of rocks, there are no big waves here and therefore the beach is ideal for young children, who love to splash about in the clean, azure waters at the ocean’s edge.

Although it is situated beyond the manicured gardens of the Ritz-Carlton resort, Abama beach is not reserved exclusively for the use of its guests. All of Tenerife’s beaches are open to the public, meaning that anyone can go ahead and enjoy this beautiful spot.

Getting to Abama beach

Getting to Playa Abama takes around 10 minutes from Playa San Juan by car, and there is free parking. Arrive by mid-morning if you can, as the parking spaces soon fill up as the day goes on.

Once you’ve left your vehicle, getting to the beach involves a short walk. Firstly, you should head down the road for around 600 metres. Along the way, you may well see golf carts transporting people around, but they belong to the Ritz-Carlton hotel and are for guests only.

The road leading to Abama beach

After passing through the grounds of the hotel – and yes, this is perfectly permissible – you then need to descend a long flight of steps to reach the sandy beach. Again, hotel guests have an easier way to get down there, as there is a scenic elevator provided for them.

There are a lot of stairs down to the beach, so if you have any mobility issues, this may not be the best coastal location for you to visit.

With that being said, if you come to the beach not alone, there is a way you can get around this. Take your passengers as far as you can in the car. There’s a road that heads downhill towards the sands, and you can drive on this. You just cannot leave your car there for the day.

Playa de Abama between the cliffs

Once you’ve dropped the others off, you can then park up and head down to the beach by yourself. This tip especially comes in handy when you are with kids. It might just save them from complaining about the long descent to the beach.


There is a restaurant on Playa Abama – but as it does belong to the five-star Ritz-Carlton hotel, prices can be high. A small cup of coffee, for example, will cost you around 5 Euros. If you don’t mind splashing out while on holiday, the shoreline restaurant serves up a range of light meals, cocktails and soft drinks as well as hot beverages.

Other amenities can also be found at Abama beach, including sunbeds and parasols as well as toilets and showers – but again, prices tend to be steep. Renting two sun loungers that share one parasol will cost you about 35 Euros. By contrast, at the town beach in Playa San Juan, the charge for two sunbeds and a parasol is only around 7.5 Euros – under a quarter of the cost.

Golden sand and turquoise water in Abama beach

However, don’t let these high prices put you off, as Abama beach is worth the money – as well as the journey. Although the sunbeds are relatively expensive to hire, they are luxurious and only the adults will probably need one each. You are not obliged to use them, either – as a public beach, you’re perfectly welcome to lay a beach towel down on the soft sands instead.

There is a feeling of seclusion and paradisiacal atmosphere at Playa Abama, due to the clear turquoise waters, clean golden sands and the panoramic views. The beach also boasts a pier and two natural pools. It can be the ideal place in which to relax and unwind, while the kids play in the sand or poke about in the rock pools. A lifeguard service gives added peace of mind for parents.

Banana plantation in Tenerife near Abama beach

The beach also enjoys an idyllic location, surrounded by tropical plantations, and offers stunning views over La Gomera Island amid the majestic Atlantic Ocean. This is without doubt one of the best places to be as the sun sinks beyond the horizon over another sunny day on Tenerife. It also has a very dramatic setting, due to its position below the hotel and gardens. 

If you are staying at the Ritz-Carlton, you will benefit from an exclusive, fully furnished area of this breathtaking beach, complete with complimentary use of the sun loungers and parasols. Staff can also bring food and drinks directly to you as you soak up the sun. Paying guests can of course also use the hotel’s own private funicular railway to reach the sands.

For golfing fans, the Abama area also boasts a fabulous and incredibly scenic golf course, right by the hotel. The more adventurous, meanwhile, can head to the popular cliff jumping spots just beyond the restaurant, where local kids like to show off their twisting moves. Participation is, of course, entirely optional.

Cliffs and turquoise water on playa de Abama

Beautiful Playa Abama

Abama beach is small, but perfectly formed. With clear blue waters and soft golden sands, and a stunning setting, it’s the ideal place for a day out with the family when holidaying in Tenerife. Just be prepared before you go – for those five star hotel prices as well as planning how you’re going to get there.

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