Playa Amarilla in Costa del Silencio, Tenerife

Costa del Silencio, Tenerife – Things to Do, Restaurants & Hotels

Costa del Silencio literally translates as The Coast of Silence, and it is indeed one of Tenerife’s more peaceful places. When staying or visiting you can also enjoy two resorts in one, via quick and easy access to the authentic harbour village of Las Galletas. 

The name is music to the ears of those seeking a more peaceful area in Tenerife. Though it’s a purpose-built resort close to the airport in the sun-drenched south of the island, Costa del Silencio – or The Coast of Silence – is far more tranquil than nearby resorts like Los Cristianos.

Costa del Silencio was first developed during the 1970s, and now features mostly luxury accommodation for residents and visitors. It remains relatively uncrowded even during the summer months, though there are some local facilities such as supermarkets and a few cafes, restaurants and bars. 

So what is Costa del Silencio like? It’s a small, quiet place, so don’t expect as many things to do as in other destinations. It’s perfect for people who are tired of all the hustle and bustle of the main Tenerife resorts, and are seeking something more peaceful.

The panoramic view of Costa del Silencio

Public transport is a real plus here too. The resort offers great bus connections to all the popular Tenerife resorts, so it’s super easy to go anywhere you want.

Costa del Silencio is also adjacent to the village of Las Galletas. This has plenty of great restaurants and is a vibrant place with a pleasing local feel. So by staying in Costa del Silencio, you effectively gain access to two resorts in one.

There is no sandy beach in Costa de Silencio but you can find one nearby in Las Galletas. However, don’t miss Playa Amarilla, which is an incredibly beautiful small rocky cove located at the foot of the Montaña Amarilla mountain.

It features orange-tinted cliffs, with many naturally formed platforms that are often used for sunbathing. Visiting this spot is a very special and relaxing experience, and you can find out more about it later in the article.

Even if you decide to stay somewhere else, it’s still worth taking a day trip to Costa del Silencio, because the intriguing landscape is one of the most natural and unspoiled places on the whole island.


Like the rest of Tenerife, Costa del Silencio is blessed with sunny weather all year round. Since the resort is located in the south, it ​​has higher temperatures – peaking in the summer season – as compared to northern parts. July has the most hours of sunshine per day, while August is usually the hottest month. 

Summer and winter are the busiest seasons, so if you visit during spring or autumn it can be quieter and thus more enjoyable. If you want to avoid the worst weather, December has the most rainfall on average, while January is generally the coldest month. 

Things to Do in Costa del Silencio

Sunbathe on the Rocks at Playa Amarilla

As mentioned above, Costa del Silencio doesn’t have a beach of its own. But the very special and unique place that is Playa Amarilla more than makes up for that. It’s worth taking a day trip just to see it, and it’s an idyllic spot for sunbathing and swimming.

Playa Amarilla, Tenerife

Playa Amarilla is located at the foot of the Montaña Amarilla mountain (location). It’s unlike other Tenerife beaches because people stretch out on the rocky platforms here rather than the sand. These sunbathing ledges are entirely natural, and are dotted around the orange-hued cliff side. 

The water clarity here is outstanding, as the beach has black pebbles rather than sand. This makes it the ideal snorkelling spot, though the currents can at times be powerful so do take care, particularly at high tide. There are two ladders for climbing down into the water for a swim, and this is best during low tide. 

Playa Amarilla covered in black pebbles

Should you tire of beach life, you can take a walk up the cliff, admire and capture on camera the natural rock formations or spend some time at the local beach bar. It’s very popular, and offers a range of drinks at good prices. 

Mana Nui Chiringuito beach bar in Playa Amarilla

Hike through the Montaña Amarilla Natural Monument

As mentioned before, the one-off Playa Amarilla is located at the foot of a yellowish volcanic cone. This – Montaña Amarilla – was formed after an underwater explosion. Usually, when people visit this so-called beach, they also complete a short ascent to the top of the mountain. At least that’s what we do when visiting the area, and it’s so worth it for the unparalleled views from the top. 

The ascent is easy, and we’ve done it several times with two small children. It’s the ideal area for walking. If you can, plan to climb the mountain for sunset, and you can experience views that are out of this world.

Hike through the Montaña Amarilla Natural Monument

Alternatively, opt for a longer hike. This also involves ascending the mountain, but doesn’t end there. In fact there are multiple ways to hike around the mountain, but we recommend these two options:

  1. A 2.6 km loop hike which takes around 45 minutes to complete.
  2. A 7.4 km loop hike which takes about an hour and 45 minutes to complete.

The unspoilt terrain is ideal for nature lovers. Local flora to look out for include Sweet Spurge, Sea Lettuce and Sea Pineapple. You might also spot small Berthelot’s Pipits or even a Kestrel soaring overhead. 

The panoramic view from the top of Montaña Amarilla

Sample the Restaurants of Costa del Silencio


Fish-Art is a smart restaurant with a floral-inspired interior serving Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish specialties plus seafood dishes. 

Sabor Canario

Guests say it’s worth taking a special trip to Sabor Canario to sample authentic and well-priced Spanish and Canarian cuisine. 

Oasis Café

Tucked away among an apartment complex, Oasis delivers a range of perfectly cooked European dishes in a restaurant-style setting.

Gastro Gallo

Gastro Gallo is great for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. The pizzas and pasta dishes come highly recommended here. 

Casa Mary

Casa Mary in Las Galletas is particularly good for paella, seafood, coffee and desserts. Staff are welcoming and the service is efficient. 

Linger over Lunch or Dessert at a Local Cafe

Sweet Frank’s

The owners of Sweet Frank’s work very hard at what they do and it shows in the quality of the breakfasts, lunch dishes and superb selection of desserts. 

Pasteleria El Chaparral

This patisserie makes incredible occasion cakes for locals and visitors, and is ideal for sandwiches and juices as well as sweet treats. 

Lizzie’s Bistro

With plenty of outdoor tables for enjoying the sunshine, Lizzie’s Bistro serves a range of homemade English and Spanish dishes.  

Check out Costa del Silencio’s Nightlife Scene

Though the local nightlife is low key, there are some good Costa del Silencio bars to visit for an evening out. 

Bar 33 Vueltas

This is our top recommendation, as it’s without doubt the best bar in the area. It offers a welcoming ambience, good craft beers, tasty tapas and great cocktails. The decor also stands out, featuring funky repurposed finds. 


A warm atmosphere, great service and fair prices await at Pelicano, and you can also order freshly prepared tapas here. 

Our Place

Helpful staff, a good range of drinks and regular events and entertainment make Our Place stand out among the crowd. 

Exiles Bar

Exiles is the best sports bar in Costa del Silencio. Food isn’t served, but you can bring some in from elsewhere.

Stroll Along to the Neighboring Town of Las Galletas

You MUST visit Las Galletas if you are staying in Costa del Silencio, and we will tell you why! Firstly, it has an authentic Canarian feel because it’s not a resort. It also has a very appealing little harbour and marina. Also, there are plenty of great restaurants serving fish and other types of food.

Las Galletas fishing village

There’s also a couple of beaches here, including the main pebble beach by the cliffs, Playa las Galletas. The promenade behind this offers plenty of places to eat and drink, and the beach offers clear water that is calmest at low tide. It’s popular with locals for swimming, water sports and snorkelling. 

There is also a second, hidden beach in Las Galletas that many visitors miss. It’s called Playa La Ballena (location). Las Galletas also has its charming marina, where you can book various water sports and trips (diving, jet-skis, fishing, sailing and whale watching). 

For example, you can take a 4-hour catamaran cruise with brunch and unlimited drinks, or book a 3 hour whale and dolphin watching trip. Both are highly recommended!

If you do end up in Las Galletas, we can highly recommend Lilies Garden tea house. The decor is amazing and the atmosphere is equally good. There’s a great selection of cakes and tarts here, plus top-notch coffee and hot chocolate.

Pay Las Margaritas Banana Plantation a Visit

A 10-minute drive from Costa del Silencio, Finca Las Margaritas is a must for anyone interested in how fruit is produced. You don’t need a car to reach it, either, as a bus stop is located 50 metres from the farm. Take bus number 467 from one of the stops in Costa del Silencio, and alight at the ESTRELLA (T) stop (location). 

You can learn all about banana growing in the Canaries here, including the history behind their cultivation. Mango, papaya and avocado trees can also be seen.

The plantation is usually open to the public on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but sometimes in high season it’s also open on Fridays. You will need to pre-book your visit via the Finca Las Margaritas website.

Las Margaritas Banana Plantation

Adults pay 8 euros for a self-guided tour, or 10 euros for a tour with a guide. Children aged between 4 and 12 pay 6 euros for a self-guided tour, or 8 euros for the guided option. Entry is free for children under 4.

There are eight stops on the individual self-guided tour, so you can progress at your own pace. Each explains one aspect of banana-growing in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish or Russian. 

At the end of the self-guided tour, which takes around an hour, you can enjoy a small tasting of banana and gofio products. 

The guided tour is led by a Spanish and English speaking guide (though French is currently available on Thursdays) who explains the key aspects of banana production. This guided tour takes around 75 minutes.

You will find the current timetable on their website, but usually there are three self-guided tours per day at 10 am, 11 am and 12 pm, plus one guided tour at 11:15 am. You can also book separate guided tours for groups of at least 12.

The farm is accessible for wheelchairs and people with reduced mobility, though be aware that the ground comprises earth and pebbles.

Another option is to book this gastronomy tour which takes you to the same Las Margaritas plantation but also to two of the best wine cellars in Tenerife.

Explore the Rest of Tenerife by Bus

If you plan to rent a car, you can skip this section: with a car you can easily travel all around Tenerife from Costa del Silencio because the island is not that big. But we also have great news for those who don’t plan to drive during their holiday on the island.

Costa del Silencio benefits from great bus connections to other popular Tenerife resorts. Your best friend will be bus number 467. You can travel from Costa del Silencio to Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas or Costa Adeje via this route, and it also continues on to La Caleta. It’s about half an hour’s drive to Los Cristianos.

A bus from Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Once you reach Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje bus stations, you can go anywhere on the island from those. The sky’s the limit.

For example, to reach the island’s capital – Santa Cruz de Tenerife – catch bus 467 to Los Cristianos and then change to number 111. The entire trip takes about two hours, and costs €10.50 (€1.50 + €9.00).

There is also a direct bus route between Tenerife South Airport and Costa del Silencio. Catch bus 415 which takes about 40 minutes, and costs €2.85. Alternatively, take a taxi for about €20-25, and arrive there in about 15 minutes.

We also recommend visiting the laid-back windsurfing and kitesurfing resort of El Medano, which is further east than Costa del Silencio. To do this, take bus 467, ride a few stops to the Ten Bel stop then change to bus 470. El Medano has two weekly markets: a farmer’s market each Wednesday and a clothing market every Saturday. You can find more information about these in our El Medano guide.

Kitesurfing on El Medano Beach

If you plan to use buses a lot, do buy a ten+ card. Tickets are cheaper this way than paying the bus driver directly. The card itself costs 2 euros, and can be bought from TITSA offices, vending machines, tram stations and other authorised outlets, such as souvenir shops. A full map of outlets can be seen here.

Once you’ve bought it, your ten+ card can then be topped up. This must be with a minimum of 5 euros and to a maximum of 100 euros, rising in €5 increments. The amount is then valid for a full 12 months, beginning with the first usage. After a year, the card expires.

The Best Places to Stay

Villa 8 Islas

Villa 8 Islas is more like a bed and breakfast property than a hotel. A range of single, twin, double and family rooms is available, and all guests share access to the big, well-equipped kitchen and attractive gardens with a terrace. 

Free WiFi, drinking water, tea and coffee is supplied to all guests, and breakfast is available for a fee of around €5. You can also book bike rental and laundry services for an additional charge. The staff here are very friendly and helpful, and the accommodation is clean, comfortable, conveniently situated and great value for money. 

Westhaven Bay

Again this isn’t really a hotel: rather, you can book an apartment with the option of breakfast. The location is perfect, with the ocean on your doorstep, and the on-site restaurant is also exceptional. There’s a lovely ocean-facing pool too, plus a nearby grocery store – which you may need to stock up on extra items like toilet paper, bin bags and washing-up liquid. 

There is WiFi here throughout the communal areas, and each beach-themed duplex comes with its own outdoor balcony and satellite TV. All accommodation also has a lounge area, a kitchenette and a washing machine. At this complex you’ll also find table tennis and pool tables, a Belgian restaurant and a seaview cafe. 

Hotel Palia Don Pedro

This Spanish-style Costa Del Silencio hotel is just a ten minute walk from Playa Amarilla. The three star property has a sizable swimming pool that’s heated in winter, and is set among tropical plants and Tenerife’s volcanic landscape. A range of studios and apartments is available here, and though the decor is a little tired they are comfortable and clean. 

All come with a work desk, kitchen area and cable TV. Around the main and kids’ pools there’s a sunny shared terrace furnished with sunbeds and parasols, plus a pool bar. The property also has a restaurant serving a good selection of local and international buffet meals. During the peak season, the hotel also offers a children’s club, sporting activities and evening entertainment.


To explore Tenerife to the fullest and at your own pace, we highly recommend renting a car. Our favourite place for car rental is the RentalCars website. It allows you to compare different providers and pick the best deal. You also get the best protection and flexibility for booking terms.

The unmissable top attractions in Tenerife are: Siam Park (tickets here), Loro Parque (tickets here) and Teide National Park (cable car tickets + transfer).

We also recommend taking at least one guided tour. Our favourite place for booking tours in Tenerife is GetYourGuide.

Top 3 excursions on the island:

Our favourite websites for accommodation in Tenerife are: (for hotels) and VRBO (for apartments and holiday homes).

The best hotels for families with kids (in our opinion):

Luxury: GF Victoria (Costa Adeje) or Bahia Principe Fantasia (Golf del Sur)
Mid-Range: Spring Hotel Bitácora (Playa de las Americas) or Iberostar Bouganville Playa (Costa Adeje)
Budget: GF Isabel (Costa Adeje) or Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel (Los Cristianos)

The best adults-only hotels:

Luxury: Iberostar Grand El Mirador (Costa Adeje) or Gran Melia Palacio de Isora (Alcalá)
Mid-Range: Tigotan Lovers & Friends (Playa de las Americas) or Iberostar Selection Sábila (Costa Adeje)
Budget: Barceló Santiago (Puerto de Santiago)

Top hotels for everyone:

Luxury: The Ritz-Carlton, Abama or Bahia del Duque (Costa Adeje)
Mid-Range: Hard Rock Hotel (Playa Paraiso) or Dreams Jardin Tropical Resort & Spa (Costa Adeje)
Budget: Alexandre Hotel Gala or Olé Tropical Tenerife (both Playa de las Americas)

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