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14 Best Beaches in Lanzarote and La Graciosa (+Map)

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Lanzarote, then this guide is for you. Whether you prefer the beaches of the big resorts, lined with sun loungers and parasols and offering a range of watersports, or would rather find a more peaceful, unspoiled stretch of sand, the island offers a superb range of coastal spots. 

From large sandy beaches for families to much more remote coves, this Canary Island has it all. The main resort beaches offer every amenity you could wish for, and many of these are connected by a seafront promenade. But venture to Papagayo nature reserve, head north or even go to La Graciosa island, and you can find natural stretches of sand with a wilder, more rugged vibe. 

Before moving on to list the top beaches in Lanzarote, a brief word of warning. Powerful currents can be present in this part of the world, so do stay out of the water when advised to do so. When surf’s up or the water is choppy, it may be unsafe to swim.

Spectacular Risco de Famara Viewpoint

Beaches are our favourite places to be when visiting the Canary Islands. We can honestly and proudly say that we’ve been to the majority of those in Lanzarote. As a result, we feel that we are well-qualified to talk about this topic, and have created this  list of the island’s best beaches (in no particular order) based on those our family has enjoyed the most. 

Also included here are the beaches of La Graciosa, as most visitors tend to head to the island directly from Lanzarote.

To ensure this article is as useful as possible, under every listing we’ve included information about the location, public transport options, parking, amenities, where to eat, and accommodation options.

For further information, you can also check out our detailed guides to the best beaches in Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise.

Best Beaches in Lanzarote

Playa de Papagayo

Located inside the Los Ajaches nature reserve near the resort of Playa Blanca, this wild beach is very picturesque and is nestled between steep cliffs. Here you’ll find a compact cove, with white sand lapped by calm, crystal-clear turquoise water.

Due to its breathtaking beauty, Playa de Papagayo is among Lanzarote’s most popular beaches. The calm waters also provide perfect snorkelling conditions, and are safe for even small children to splash about in. 

Papagayo beach - one of the most famous beaches in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

As this beach is very popular with tourists, it can get really crowded. Personally, we do agree that it’s breathtakingly beautiful but after visiting it once we never came back. When we visited it in December, we barely found a place to put our towels so it’s hard to imagine what the situation looks like during summer months when there is a tourist influx to the island.

Why deal with crowds when you can visit 4 other beaches in the same area? Yes, there are more beautiful beaches right nearby! Playa Mujeres (location), Playa del Pozo (location), Playa de la Cera (location), Playa Caleta del Congrio (location) are all a stone’s throw away so we highly recommend them.

With that being said, visiting Playa de Papagayo at least once is a must. It’s still a gem, just not a hidden one anymore.

Another thing to keep in mind – the access to the area where the Papagayo beach is located is paid. The price is 3 euros. You’ll see a booth on your way to the natural reserve where you will be able to pay either in cash or by card.

Playa de Papagayo

Keep in mind that there is no shade on the beach so bring a parasol or beach tent, especially if you come with children.

If you are staying in Playa Blanca, we highly recommend this kayak and snorkelling tour. You will kayak to the Papagayo beach and spend an awesome time there swimming, snorkelling and having a picnic.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The beach is accessible only by car. There are no bus stops nearby.
Parking: There is a large car park close to the beach (location). If it’s full, try another parking lot here. It’s 5 minutes away from the Papagayo beach on foot.
Amenities: This is a wild beach. There are no amenities whatsoever. No lifeguards. Even no toilets.
Food: There are three small bars and restaurants near the beach but they are not worth attention. It’s better to bring your own food and drinks.

Playa Mujeres

This beach is located in the same natural reserve as Papagayo beach. In fact, Playa Mujeres is the first beach you will encounter when entering the area. It’s the biggest and busiest of the Papagayo beaches. 

Spectacular, unspoiled, 400-metre Playa Mujeres is one of the largest natural beaches in southern Lanzarote. With gentle wave action, it’s suitable for visitors of any age. The sand dunes backing Mujeres, plus the man-made semicircular stone barriers, also offer a good level of privacy. 

Playa Mujeres

Playa Mujeres is also visually striking, with the ocean offering an ombre palette running from a tropical turquoise to deep blue. It’s a popular spot for beach days, and the well-maintained offers some convenient amenities including parking and rubbish bins. There are no shops in the vicinity, though, nor any toilets or showers. The closest place to eat can be found at Playa de Papagayo.

Playa Mujeres was the beach we chose when visiting the area recently as a family. As we wanted to escape the crowds at Playa de Papagayo, we headed here instead. The water was very clear, and there’s a really big stretch of soft, white sand. Our kids absolutely loved this beach.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The beach is accessible only by car.
Parking: There are two parking lots: one here and another one here.
Amenities: This is a wild beach. There are no amenities whatsoever. No lifeguards. No toilets or showers.
Food: Bring your own snacks and drinks. The only bars and restaurants are located near Papagayo beach and they are not great.

Playa de Famara

Located in the northwest of the island, the huge Famara beach and surrounding area is known as the best place for surfing in Lanzarote. The conditions there are ideal for surfers of all levels. If you want to try riding the waves, you can rent the equipment at the local surf shops or book a surfing lesson.

Famara Coast and Cliffs, Lanzarote

Here are a few great surfing lessons based on the Famara beach:

Famara : Surfing Lessons
The duration is 2.5 hours. For surfers of all levels. You will also receive pictures of your surfing adventure.

Famara Beach Surfing Lesson for All Levels
Choose a 2 or 4-hour session with a professional instructor. The video of your surfing practice is also recorded and analyzed afterwards.

Playa de Famara is not only for surfers, though. The beach is also popular with sunbathers and families, and hikers who come to explore the trails leading through the sand dunes and sea cliffs. However, the ocean here is only for experienced swimmers because of the currents and waves.

Surfers at Famara beach

The beach is very beautiful, with Risco de Famara cliffs serving as a picturesque backdrop. For a stunning photo, come here at low tide, when the wet sand reflects the sky and the cliffs creating a wonderful sight. You can also see the island of La Graciosa from the beach.

This is a wild beach, but it’s located near the small town of Caleta de Famara which has a couple of grocery stores, bars and restaurants.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: Use bus number 20 to come here from Arrecife and buses 31 and 33 to come from Costa Teguise.
Parking: There are plenty of parking spaces by the road along the beach.
Amenities: Lifeguards are available. There are no public toilets or showers. Sunbeds and parasols are not available too.
Food: We recommend the brilliant Restaurante El Risco. La Hamburgueseria and Pizzeria La Bartola are great too.
Accommodation nearby: There are no hotels in the area. You can check out these apartments and holiday homes: Famara Rooftop 2, Casa Sua, and El Refugio.

Caletón Blanco

Located on the northern tip of Lanzarote, Caletón Blanco is a crazy picturesque wild beach with pristine white sand and crystal clear water. What makes it so beautiful is the contrast between dark volcanic rocks and bright sand. It’s one of our most favourite beaches on the island, hands down.

Caletón Blanco Beach

Caletón Blanco features a large lagoon separated from the ocean by a natural barrier.  It’s like a huge natural pool. The water here is shallow and without any waves at all making it super kid-friendly. We would recommend getting water shoes for children, though, because the lagoon is sprinkled with rocks here and there.

The lagoon is fun both at high and low tides. At high tide, it’s more suited for swimming because it gets deeper. At low tide, a series of small pools get exposed and they are super fun for children to explore. Get your kid a fishing net with a handle (these are sold on every corner in Lanzarote) and they will stay busy for hours.

Playa del Caletón Blanco

This is a wild beach but they can head to Orzola village where bars and restaurants are found.

There are actually more coves around Caletón Blanco. When driving the road LZ-1 from Punta Mujeres towards Orzola, you’ll encounter multiple parking lots. Stop anywhere, cross the road, and you’ll find plenty of hidden gems. The whole road is very beautiful.

Wild beach Caleton Blanco, Lanzarote

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The only way to come here by public transport is to hop on a bus number 9 starting in Arrecife and going through Arrieta and Punta Mujeres. Alight at the stop “El Callao”. Then walk 15 minutes to the beach.
Parking: There is a parking lot on a dirt road right next to the beach.
Amenities: There are no lifeguards, no toilets and no showers. Sunbeds and parasols are not available too.
Food: There are no bars and restaurants nearby. Either bring your own food or head to the neighboring villages of Orzola in one direction and Punta Mujeres and Arrieta in other direction for dining.
Accommodation nearby: The closest villages are Orzola, Arrieta and Punta Mujeres. There are no hotels but we recommend these apartments: Los Morros and El Lago del Mar (Arrieta), Apartamento Jameo and OCEAN tiny HOUSE en Casa azul (Punta Mujeres), Mirador del Roque and Apartamento Salinas del Mar (Orzola).

Playa Flamingo

Located on the western side of Playa Blanca, this lovely beach is probably the most beautiful one in town. Lined with palm trees, it boasts golden sand lapped by turquoise water, with the Montana Roja volcano acting as a majestic backdrop.

Flamingo beach in Playa Blanca

Playa Flamingo boasts a 200-metre stretch of soft sand, and is also a popular sunset spot. A couple of seawalls protect it from powerful waves, resulting in calm, safe bathing waters. The resort’s promenade runs behind the beach, offering a selection of cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. 

A shallow slope coupled with the calm water makes Playa Flamingo a very family-friendly beach. Scuba diving and snorkelling are also deservedly popular activities here, thanks to a variety of local marine life and good visibility.

Location: Google Maps 
Accessibility: The nearest bus stop is Flamingo (location). Bus number 30 stops there.
Parking: There is a free parking lot right near the beach here but it’s on a dirt road. We didn’t have any problem parking there, however.
Amenities: The beach is supervised by lifeguards. Sunbeds and parasols available for rent. The beach also offers showers and toilets. There is an access for the disabled.
Food: There are not too many good restaurants in the area. We recommend Asia Steakhouse for Chinese or take a walk to the port where you will find brilliant Restaurante Cocina del Puerto and The Irish Anvil Bar
Accommodation nearby: Iberostar Selection Lanzarote Park is hands down the best hotel near this beach. This 5-star hotel is perfect for families but also has one of the buildings reserved solely for adults.

Playa Grande

Playa Grande – also known as Playa Blanca – is a clean Blue Flag beach, and the resort of Puerto del Carmen’s main coastal stretch. The beach runs between Long Beach Club Lanzarote in the east and Hotel Fariones in the west.

During the day in particular, life in Puerto del Carmen tends to centre on popular Playa Grande. It’s the resort’s best known beach, and visitor numbers reflect this fact. It’s backed by Avenida de las Playas, the local hub for dining, shopping and nightlife. You can walk or cycle along this seafront promenade, which also connects Playa Grande to the resort’s other beaches. 

Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen

Playa Blanca is over a kilometre long, with a generous sweep of golden sand. The water here is warm, with good clarity that’s ideal for snorkellers and swimmers alike. Playa Blanca also offers great facilities, and is sheltered from the strongest waves and winds. 

The calm, clear water at Playa Grande makes it a very child-friendly beach, and the sand slopes gently into the ocean. It’s thus perfect for paddling or taking a cooling dip.   

Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

For adventurous visitors, Playa Grande offers water sports facilities such as kayak hire and pedalo boats. There’s also plenty of cafes, shops and restaurants lining the promenade behind. 

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: Two nearest bus stops are C.C. Atlantico (location) and Apartamentos Caleton Blanco (location). Buses 2, 3, and 161 stop there.
Parking: Free parking spaces are available on Avenida de las Playas street adjacent to the beach but it won’t be easy to find a free space during high season.
Amenities: Lifeguards are present. Lots of sunbeds and parasols available for rent. The beach also offers showers, toilets and an access for people with reduced mobility.
Food: Lots of restaurants and bars around. We recommend Cantina Don Rafael for mexican food, Black Buffalo Steakhouse, and Maritoni.
Accommodation nearby: Hotel Fariones for a luxury experience, Lani’s Suites de Luxe for adults, R2 Bahia Kontiki and Plus Fariones Apartamentos for self-catering.

Playa Chica

Playa Chica is located in western Puerto del Carmen, fairly close to Playa Grande. Unlike other local beaches, though, it cannot be accessed via the promenade. Instead you’ll need to travel down the little local roads near Hotel Fariones to reach it. 

Upon arrival, we promise that you’ll be pleased you made the trip. Playa Chica offers a pretty, tranquil cove that’s much more laid-back than the beaches by the resort promenade.

Chica Beach is only 100 metres long, but historic lava flow has carved out a distinctive  coastal landscape here. You can soak up the sun while taking in the picturesque views, or go for a swim in the sea.  As the ocean is relatively calm, this peaceful beach is also family-friendly. 

Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen

Scuba divers and snorkellers also flock to Playa Chica to see the underwater volcanic landscape at close quarters. For equipment hire, trips and instruction, several dive schools can be found near to the beach. If you venture beneath the ocean’s surface, you can expect to see a range of colourful fish and other local marine life, plus underwater caverns and even shipwrecks.  

In fact the fish often swim around right by the shore. You can therefore delight the kids by letting them throw some bread into the sea, which will immediately attract any hungry marine creatures.

There’s also a water sports school at Playa Chica. This allows you to sample adrenaline activities like parascending, banana boating and jet skiing.

We also recommend calling at Bar Playa, the beachside restaurant at Playa Chica, for food and drinks. They serve fresh local seafood washed down with top quality beers, wine and spirits, all of which come with a side serving of stunning sea views. It makes the perfect sunset pitstop.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The nearest bus stop is Apartamentos Caleton Blanco (location). Buses 2, 3, and 161 stop there.
Parking: There is a free small parking lot right by the beach. It usually gets busy in the evening when locals come to the beach.
Amenities: Lifeguards are present. Showers and public restroom available. Sunbeds and parasols for rent.
Food: There is a small restaurant offering fresh seafood on the beach and it’s quite good.
Accommodation nearby: The luxury Hotel Fariones or Plus Fariones Apartamentos are the closest ones to the beach.

Playa del Reducto

Playa del Reducto is Arrecife’s main beach, and is around 500 metres long. This coastal stretch in the island’s capital offers palm-lined golden sands and calm, warm water. The protection of natural reefs here provide shelter, making it safe even for younger visitors.

El Reducto Beach has Blue Flag status and boasts a range of facilities. These include  toilets, showers, changing rooms and beach bars. You’ll also find bus stops and taxi ranks close by, helping you get around. The gently sloping entry also makes this beach suitable for the mobility impaired. 

El Reducto Beach in Arrecife

Should you want to stay for longer, there’s plenty of accommodation in the Playa del Reducto area too. For a day visit, the beach offers seaside strolls along the promenade, good quality dining options and a range of shops. It’s best to visit when the tide is high, as the rocky ocean floor is covered by the water then, meeting the edge of the sand.

There’s a couple of parking options at El Reducto Beach. A car park is located around 400 metres from the beach. You could also leave your car by the promenade or in the car park beneath the hotel. 

Arrecife Gran Hotel Spa, Lanzarote

When you visit this beach, don’t miss the chance to head up to the top-floor restaurant at the Arrecife Gran Hotel and Spa by the beach. As the tallest building in Lanzarote, the views from the top are mind blowing.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The nearest bus stop is Intercambiador (location). Plenty of buses stop there. Check out the full list.
Parking: We usually use a paid parking lot under the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa. It can be a bit tricky to find an entrance – it’s one of the exits on the roundabout (location).
Amenities: All the services you can imagine are available here. There is an access for disabled people.
Food: We recommend getting up to the top floor of the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa (it’s the tallest building near the beach). There is a restaurant on the top floor with fantastic views. There are also plenty of restaurants along the promenade.
Accommodation nearby: The luxury 5-star Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa is right next to the beach. Hotel Lancelot and Apartamentos Islamar Arrecife are also great.

Playa de las Cucharas

Playa de las Cucharas is the main beach in Costa Teguise. Fresh ocean breezes make the 650-metre stretch a popular spot for windsurfing and other water sports. The beach boasts a generous sweep of imported golden sand.  

As well as the promenade with all its cafes, bars and shops, Las Cucharas Beach is also fringed by pleasant gardens. In reality, this is like two beaches in one. The northern section is more family-friendly thanks to calm waters, while the southern end is more lively. 

Playa de las Cucharas

Playa de las Cucharas has no sun loungers or parasols at the northern end, so it’s worth bringing your own seating and source of shade. If you’d like to sample water sports while in the area, though, then head to the southern section. In fact this is one of Europe’s windsurfing hotspots. You can also try out scuba diving, pedalo boats and more here. 

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: Nearest bus stops such as Pueblo Marinero Vuelta and Lanzarote Gardens are 500 metres away from the beach. Buses 1, 3, and 31 stop there.
Parking: Multiple free parking lots are available not far away from the beach. 1st (the nearest one), 2nd, 3rd.
Amenities: Lifeguard is present. There are showers and toilets available. Sunbeds and parasols also available for rent. The beach offers wheelchair access.
Food: Lots of restaurants and bars around. We recommend Peskera, Restaurante Bacchus, and Fuel Stop.
Accommodation nearby: We recommend Oasis Lanz Beach Mate for adults and H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens for families.

El Jablillo Beach

Playa del Jablillo is one of Lanzarote’s most family-friendly beaches, and is also a snorkeller’s paradise. This beach is situated in southern Costa Teguise. It’s frequented by a wide variety of visitors, including locals as well as tourists. 

As the lagoon-like area here is well-sheltered from the island’s strong tides and winds by a breakwater, Jablillo beach offers calm, warm and shallow waters. The beach also has white sands dotted with dark volcanic rocks, and is therefore very picturesque. 

Playa del Jablillo, Costa Teguise

If you have one, do bring your underwater camera to Jablillo beach. As a popular snorkelling and diving spot, you can photograph a variety of underwater flora and fauna during your visit.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The nearest bus stop Pueblo Marinero is a 10-minute walk away from the beach. Buses 1, 3, and 31 stop there.
Parking: There is a big but very busy free parking lot right near the beach (location).
Amenities: Lifeguards on site. Toilets, showers, sunbeds and parasols for rent are also available. The beach has accessibility ramps.
Food: We recommend Restaurante Doña Lola, Bar The Venue, and Restaurante Cesare nearby.
Accommodation nearby: Grand Teguise Playa is the main and very nice hotel near the beach.

Playa de la Garita

Playa de la Garita is one of northern Lanzarote’s most popular beaches. It’s situated in Arrieta village, and its position means it’s naturally sheltered from the strong winds affecting other northern beaches. The golden sand here stretches for almost a kilometre, and it’s a family favourite. 

The northern end of Playa de la Garita is shielded from the powerful northern winds during most days. A little man-made island reached via a small bridge also lies at one end of the beach. You can wander across this bridge to reach the island, or jump off the bridge before taking a swim. 

This Arrieta beach offers a couple of casual beachside restaurants serving fresh seafood and tapas. You might also spot an occasional surfer while in the area.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The nearest bus stop is in the village and it’s a 5-minute walk to the beach. Buses 7, 9, and 26 stop there.
Parking: There is a parking lot next to the beach (location).
Amenities: Toilets and showers available. Lifeguards on site. No sunbeds and parasols. 
Food: We recommend La Casa de La Playa right on the beach for fresh fish and Canarian potatoes.
Accommodation nearby: There are obviously no hotels in the village but we recommend these apartments: Los Morros and El Lago del Mar.

Playa de los Clicos

One of the most famous Lanzarote attractions is a magical green lagoon (Charco de los Clicos or Charco Verde). It’s located on the west coast of the island.

The lagoon was formed when the crater of an extinct volcano submerged into the ocean. It’s filled with water due to the porous rock, which allows seawater to enter this natural pool. The water is green because of the algaes present at the bottom.

Charco Verde, Lanzarote

Separating the lagoon from the ocean is a gorgeous black sand beach. The green color of the lagoon contrasts beautifully against the black sand of the beach and the blue sky. 

Not everybody knows how to access it, though. You can’t walk down to it from the viewpoint of the lagoon. Instead, drive to the other side of the beach and leave your car here. From there you can walk to the beach.

Playa de los Clicos

Our kids loved Playa de los Clicos because a semi-precious crystal known as olivine can be found here. You can see and buy jewellery made from this stone at various Lanzarote markets.

For our children, looking for these beautiful crystals was one of the highlights of our Lanzarote holiday. Small ones can be found individually, or more often you will find some embedded in the lava rock.

Child searching olivine crystals

I had to include this beach on this list because it’s very picturesque and because you have to visit at least one black sand beach when you are visiting the Canary Islands. 

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The beach is accessible only by car or as a part of a tour.
Amenities: There are no amenities at all. It’s a wild beach.
Food: Bring the food and drinks with you or have a meal in the nearby village of El Golfo. We recommend Casa Rafa Restaurante De Mar for the best fish of your life.

Best Beaches in La Graciosa

It can be said that Lanzarote and La Graciosa come as a package. So we simply had to include the smaller, neighbouring island’s beaches within this guide. Many people who come to Lanzarote on holiday will also visit La Graciosa, which is only 20 minutes away by ferry. 

If you are a beach lover, then a visit to this untamed island should be high on your list of priorities. The beaches here are nothing short of divine, and among the very best we’ve seen in the Canaries. The ocean surrounding the island is also extremely photogenic, ranging in colour from a vibrant turquoise to a rich emerald green. 

Ferries to La Graciosa leave from the port of Orzola, which is located on the northern tip of Lanzarote. If you plan to drive to Orzola, then you can buy ferry tickets for La Graciosa here. If you would like to be picked up from your hotel, then you can purchase ferry tickets with transfers included. Or if you prefer the whole trip to be organised for you, then check out this luxury catamaran cruise including hotel pick-up. The memorable boat trip includes lunch, unlimited drinks and a variety of water-based activities.

Playa Francesa

La Francesa is a wild, natural beach around two kilometres from La Graciosa’s capital, Caleta de Sebo. This is where ferries arrive on the island. The beach can be reached on foot, or by hired bike or a 4×4 taxi service. If you choose to walk, this should take under an hour, via an unsealed coastal track.

Playa Francesa offers a lagoon formed by a wall of rocks at high tide. The crescent-shaped beach is effectively split into two by these rocks, and offers calm water suitable for swimming. Or you could simply laze on the fine white sands while taking in the panoramic views of azure waters, the Famara cliffs and Montaña Amarilla.

The lagoon at Playa Francesa makes it a unique location. Once the tidal pool has formed, visitors can enjoy snorkelling in the crystal clear waters. You can expect to see a variety of colourful fish, so do pack a mask and snorkel if you have one. As there are no amenities here, it’s also a good idea to bring drinks, snacks, sunscreen and any other supplies you may need.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The beach is accessible by foot, by bike or by a 4×4 taxi.
Amenities: There are no amenities whatsoever. It’s a totally wild beach.
Food: Bring the food and drinks with you or have a meal in one of the Caleta de Sebo restaurants after getting back from the beach.
Hotels nearby: There are no hotels in La Graciosa but you can rent apartments. We recommend Evita Beach Suites Exclusivas.

Playa de las Conchas

As it’s located about six kilometres (or four miles) from Caleta de Sebo, Playa de Las Conchas can be more challenging to get to. But we promise that it’s well worth the effort. You can cycle here from the capital in around 45 minutes, or take a 10-minute trip in a local 4×4 taxi. Should you choose to hike here, expect the trek to take a couple of hours or so. 

This is undoubtedly the most picture perfect beach on La Graciosa. So if you only visit one beach while on the smaller island, we do recommend making it this one. It has a natural volcanic landscape, and is nestled at the base of Montana Bermeja.

Las Conchas beach in La Graciosa island

During your visit you can ascend Montana Bermeja for stunning views over the islets of Alegranza and Montana Clara, or search for the shells you’ll find scattered across the sand. Do take care, though, as a red flag here warns against swimming in the powerful waters.  

The last time we visited the island, seeing Playa de las Conchas for ourselves was our main goal. After arriving on the island with our kids in tow, we had hoped that numerous taxi drivers would approach us to offer their services. But to our surprise, we couldn’t see any taxi drivers at all!

Under the scorching Canarian sun, we walked to the town to ask local people where we could find a taxi. Then just five minutes later, a 4×4 taxi was taking us to the beach via an incredibly bumpy road. There are no asphalt roads on La Graciosa, hence the use of all-terrain vehicles. But for us, taking this crazy taxi ride was all part of the experience.

4x4 Taxi in La Graciosa Island

When we got to the beach, we arranged for the driver to come and collect us three hours later. And even though his English wasn’t the best, he did do exactly that. In total we paid around 30 euros for the return trip, which we reckon is pretty good value for money.

Las Conchas beach was probably the most beautiful beach we have ever seen – on all of the Canary Islands. The colour of the ocean is simply stunning. It’s not recommended for swimming, though, because the waves and currents here are too dangerous.

Playa de las Conchas

Due to the location, Playa de las Conchas isn’t really frequented by tourists. It’s entirely unspoiled, with a broad, clean sweep of smooth golden sand dotted by shells. It can be dangerous, however, due to strong undercurrents and powerful waves. 

If you do choose to swim here, then be aware that you do so at entirely your own risk. There is no lifeguard service, so you’ll need to keep your wits about you if you don’t want to be swept away by the sheer force of the ocean. 

Playa de las Conchas also has no sources of shade. So do pack a parasol or beach tent, particularly if you’re coming here with children.

Location: Google Maps
Accessibility: The beach is accessible by foot, by bike or by a 4×4 taxi.
Amenities: There are no amenities at all. It’s a wild beach.
Food: Bring the food and drinks with you or have a meal in one of the Caleta de Sebo restaurants after getting back from the beach.
Hotels nearby: There are no hotels in La Graciosa but you can rent apartments. We recommend Evita Beach Suites Exclusivas.

Map of Lanzarote and La Graciosa Beaches

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